Global Accounts Receivable contact

To contact Americas General Collections Department:

Call Citrix-Americas Accounts Receivable department by calling us at 1-800-424-8749 option #5-2-2-then select the region:

1- ) US
2- ) Canada
3- ) Brazil
4- ) all other Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Alternatively, email

Collections Email Position Direct Phone number  States
Jonathan Sinfonte Collections Analyst 954-267-3000
Ext. 58834

California, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, North Carolina, Maryland, Colorado.

LAC Countries: Argentina, Sto Domingo, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama

Dennis Hernandez Collections Analyst 954-267-3000
Ext. 58831

Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington.

LAC Countries: Brazil

Juan Rodriguez Castrillo Collections Specialist 954-267-3000
Ext. 58832

Arkansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Virginia, Wyoming, Connecticut.

LAC Countries: Chile, Jamaica

Cristhofer Venegas Collections Specialist 954-267-3000
Ext. 58833

Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Kentucky

LAC Countries: Trinidad

Heleen Duran Collections Specialist 954-267-3000
Ext. 58837

Delaware, Michigan, Rhode Island, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Alabama, Arizona, Oklahoma, South Carolina, District of Columbia, Maine.

LAC Countries: Bogota Colombia, Colombia, Canada

Edgar Alonso Castillo Cubillo Collections Specialist 954-267-3000
Ext. 58838

Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Puerto Rico.

LAC Countries: Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Virgin Island, Mexico

Angelica Betancur Sr. Billing Analyst 954-267-2331
Ext. 22331
Luis Plazas Sr. Collections Analyst 954-267-8493
Ext. 28493

Hybris accounts.

LAC Countries: Guam (ALL Arrow,EC America, Immixx accts.regardless of state).

Yorlli Arce Baltodano Collections Team Lead 954-267-3000
Ext. 58839
Rossana Cavallini Collections and Billing Manager 954-267-2554
Ext. 22554

To contact Americas General Cash Application Team:

To contact Americas General Cash Application Team-Hybris Cloud:

To contact Americas General Credit Team:

To contact Americas  AR General Inbox:

To Contact our Global General inbox-Citrix Content Collaboration Accounts Receivable Team:

Collections General A/R Email Position
Mary-Beth Cardo Billing and Collections Manager, ShareFile Finance
Andrea Wright Accountant
Sarah Oliver Accountant

To contact EMEA Accounts Receivable Team-General Email or call +44 1753276200


General A/R Email


General the switchboard

Cristina Pardo Senior EMEA C&C Manager 0044(0)175327 6236
Anselmo Mura Supervisor, Credit Risk Analysis 0044(0)175327 6229
Gurpreet Suri Credit Risk Analyst 0044(0)175327 6254
Sue BenHassine Sr. Collections Analyst 0044(0)175327 6211
Pravin Haria Collections Specialist 0044(0)175327 6235
Sophie Koutcher Collections Analyst 0044(0)175327 6348
Jugjeet Dhuna Cash Applications Analyst 0044(0)175327 6232

To Contact APAC Accounts Receivable Team –Call PH 61 2 8870 0800 Fax 61 2 8870 0600

Collections Position Switchboard Phone number States/Cities
Kevin Chang
Lead Credit Specialist PH 61 2 8870 0800 Fax 61 2 8870 0600 Japan & Korea
Lydia Wong
Lead Credit and Collections PH 61 2 8870 0800 Fax 61 2 8870 0600 Asean
Nilesh Singadia
Lead Credit Specialist PH 61 2 8870 0800 Fax 61 2 8870 0600 Anz & India
Rui Jia
Lead Credit Specialist PH 61 2 8870 0800 Fax 61 2 8870 0600 Greater China Region
Jack Bal
Mgr Credit II, Order-to-Cash PH 61 2 8870 0800 Fax 61 2 8870 0600 Credit Manager APJ