Keep employees productive during business disruptions

Empower your at-home workforce with a secure, always-on network

When a sudden disruption closes your offices, you need to rapidly scale up remote work capacity across your workforce. This requires a high-performing network that ensures secure and reliable access to the virtual, SaaS and cloud apps that home and ad hoc branch workers need to be productive. With an always-on network to help you manage unexpected disruptions, you can quickly and easily deliver a consistent work experience for all remote workers.

Onboard remote

When unforeseen disruption forces offices to close, your newly-remote workforce needs fast, reliable access to mission-critical apps. Citrix SD-WAN makes it simple for your remote IT staff to quickly deliver connectivity—no matter how big your at-home workforce. You can ship small, pre-configured, plug-and-play appliances directly to end users at home or in ad hoc branches, getting them connected to the network in minutes. And, using connection intelligence, Citrix SD-WAN combines home broadband with LTE connections to boost bandwidth and resiliency. This means employees can continue to do their best work—even in areas without reliable broadband.

Granular security made simple

Home users’ networks lack enterprise-grade security, making them an easier entry point for cyberattacks. 45 percent of enterprises say security risks are among the top network challenges of an at-home workforce1. Traditional VPNs aren’t enough to protect this expanded attack surface, which is why Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator provides granular security controls that seamlessly scale to fit your needs. You can easily define per-application security policies and whitelist and blacklist selected apps for secure Internet breakout. The centralized management tool also makes it easy to set zone and group-based segmentation policies for traffic and users. These policies work alongside a layered security approach you can integrate with cloud security partners, enabling centrally-defined network security that’s purpose-built for compliance across any remote workforce.

Ensure a quality experience for every home worker

When sudden disruptions force employees to remotely access applications, you need connection and application intelligence to ensure a great work experience. Citrix SD-WAN identifies and accelerates more than 4,500 business applications—even if others are watching streaming TV and playing online games on the same broadband connection. This application intelligence also mitigates Internet variability including latency, throughput, and availability issues. With Citrix SD-WAN, if you use a public cloud for virtual apps and desktops capacity—you can quickly and reliably connect them to Active Directories in on-premises data centers. So you don’t have to wait or add costly bandwidth from dedicated network services.

Maintain end-to-end visibility

Managing remote workers is complex in normal times, and it only gets harder during a large-scale disruption with IT staff working remotely as well. To simplify and centralize remote management, Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator offers cloud-based management that provides remote configuration and holistic visibility into your network. Using a single pane of glass, you can easily monitor your permissions, applications and the health of WAN links to make sure employees can stay productive.

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Productivity by the numbers


45 percent of organizations say lack of network visibility affects network capacity planning for remote access.


37 percent of enterprises say unreliable home Wi-Fi is one of the top three network challenges of work-from-home employees.

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