Wednesday, October 20, 2021 | 9:30 - 10:15 am PT

Robotic Automation of applications running through Citrix

As businesses are tasked with doing more with less, Robotic process automation become one of the fastest growing implementations in businesses in recent years.

One of the biggest challenges faced is it could get tricky automating processes that involve applications accessed through Remote desktops, in particular including Citrix products. It is not possible with the default mechanism used by the majority of RPA solutions on the market, so they apply image recognition methods for these cases.

Automai, with over 20 years of experience in the visual automation space, is the only RPA solution really made for systems like Citrix.
Automai’s flagship code free front-end approach (utilizing intelligent image recognition, OCR, and machine learning techniques) has made it ultimately easy and possible to automate ANY process on any applications running through Citrix. The solution is scalable, and can be implemented by individuals or individual teams for automating specific processes, or by entire enterprises. It is also the only RPA solution that is streamlined with testing and monitoring Citrix applications on a single platform.

Co-hosting this webinar is Amy Crawford from Liquid Payments. She will be sharing first hand their use of Automai’s RPA solution to automate payments successfully from a host of different systems and IT environments, including Citrix.

Key highlights include:

  • Why Automai’s robotic engine is especially suited for automating applications running on Citrix.
  • Learn how to turn ANY business process or business workflow into a Automai Worker bot with no scripting, no programming.
  • Learn how Automai’s worker bot functions from outside the Citrix published application and desktop connection reducing resource footprint and complexities
  • Use case: Hear how Liquid Payments uses Automai bots to automate varied workflows and complex logic across healthcare and veterinary systems


Amy L. Crawford
EVP, Growth Strategies
Liquid Payments

Sam Benihya
Automai Corporation

Shashidhar Reddy
Technical Marketing Manager
Citrix Ready

Every tenth attendee (US and Canada only) will receive an Amazon Echo Dot.

Note: Not applicable to Citrix and Partner employees

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