Adoption Resource Center

エンドユーザーによるCitrix Virtual Apps and Desktopsの導入を容易にし加速するのに役立つツールやガイドを入手できます。


ご存知のように、ロールアウトを成功させるには、多くのコンポーネントが同じ目標を達成するために協力し合うことが必要です。Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktopsのメリットを十分に実現するためには、従業員がまず新しいテクノロジーを受け入れること、次にそのテクノロジーを身に付けること、そして新しい働き方に適応することが必要です。効果的な計画を立てることで、戦略的に連携を促進できるようになるほか、従業員、利害関係者、および組織がロールアウトの成功に向けての準備が整っていることを保証できます。







Adoption Resource Center

Get helpful tools and guides to simplify and accelerate end-user adoption of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Prepare for a successful rollout

As you know, a successful rollout depends on many components working together to accomplish the same goal. To fully realize the benefits of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, your workforce must first embrace, then adopt new technologies—and adapt to new ways of working. Effective planning will help to drive alignment strategically, and ensure your employees, stakeholders and organization are ready for launch.

Five steps to a successful end-user adoption
Follow these best practices as you plan and prepare a successful rollout.

Spread the word with these useful tools

Use these communication tools and templates to help spread the word and generate excitement that a new virtual apps and desktops solution is coming soon. Designed to support your pre-launch and launch activities, these resources can also be shared with your communications and HR teams for use across trusted internal information channels.

Simplify and accelerate user adoption

Let’s face it, new software programs can be disruptive. To help your end-users get comfortable with their new environment, share these user-friendly resources with them.

Remember, it’s important to build a feedback loop into your plan. Use this end-user experience kit as a resource to engage with your end users, understand how they’re using your technology, and act on their feedback.



Expand use across the organization

Of course, deployment and business successes extend far beyond your initial roll out—from managing your environment to monitoring performance and utilization to gathering feedback. Bookmark these useful resources to explore more helpful features, tips, technical insights, product documentation, eLearning resources, and more.