Scared of data security in SaaS applications? Don’t worry, we have your back

Most organizations have some data stored in SaaS applications or are thinking of moving to SaaS. Some of this migration to SaaS is controlled by IT (sanctioned SaaS apps), while most of this migration is undertaken by individual business units (unsanctioned SaaS apps) in order to achieve better productivity or to get some tasks done. While IT has deployed methods like single sign-on to sanctioned applications, they cannot control access to any unsanctioned SaaS applications using the same SSO solution. And traditional single sign-on solutions don’t provide any control on what actions a user can take after they login to SaaS applications, nor do they provide security policies for IT to control user access to the Internet.

In this session, you will learn about a single solution that helps:

  • Improve user experience with single sign-on to SaaS, web and virtual apps
  • Implement enhanced security policies for SaaS apps to control user actions after login
  • Enable web filtering to control what users cannot access on the Internet
  • Securely browse the internet
  • Provide end-to-end visibility and user behavior analytics with Citrix Analytics


  • Akhilesh Dhawan, Director, Product Marketing, Networking and Security, Citrix
  • Praveen Raghuraman, Director, Product Management, Networking, Citrix

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