Optimize branch connectivity to Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN

As applications continue to migrate to the cloud, and companies continue to operate across geographically dispersed locations, enterprise branch offices need an access solution that is purpose-built for the internet with enhanced security and improved reliability. Branch offices need to be able to optimize and scale Azure performance to deliver reliable access to resources.

Citrix SD-WAN for Azure Virtual WAN

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Citrix SD-WAN and Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN joint solution can be deployed as a complete SD-WAN service stack that simply works better together. It can be operated as a do-it-yourself SD-WAN or managed cloud service with built-in automation that simplifies small point-of-sale (POS) networks to large-scale branch-office network deployments.

The integration of Azure Resource Center and Citrix SD-WAN Center allows automatic information sharing between the Azure head-end and the on-premises SD-WAN device. It enables cohesive policy management with deep-link usage analytics. Additionally, Citrix SD-WAN makes network expansion at a massive scale much simpler by supporting template-based cloning.

Microsoft’s large global private network within Azure accelerates content and application performance through its optimized routes, resulting in significant improvements to user experience and workspace productivity.

Commercially, Azure Virtual WAN can be procured in a way that is familiar to most public cloud users. Citrix SD-WAN can be purchased directly from Citrix channel partners or from the Azure Marketplace with flexible licensing options based on business needs and network sizes. Citrix SD-WAN offers both perpetual and subscription options with bring-your-own-license (BYOL) support.

Manually deploying SD-WAN appliances can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Automated cloud deployment for Microsoft Azure to gets your branches up and running faster. Using a single Citrix SD-WAN console with single touch operations, the download from Azure is automated and the setup of route tables is automatic.

The function allows you to easily add Citrix SD-WAN VPX instances in Azure by connecting to your network, provisioning and authenticating the appliance, and automatically pushing the device’s configuration and image.

Citrix product

Citrix SD-WAN 

  • Bring new locations online quickly and securely via simplified provisioning
  • Leverage network backbone across 54 worldwide regions
  • Unify policy management between Azure Resource Center and Citrix SD-WAN orchestration service