Automate your ADC configuration, orchestration, and change management

Leverage seamless and secure automation across hybrid cloud environments

With the popularity of hybrid multi-cloud and the shift from monolithic to microservices architectures, consistent and secure application delivery has become even more complex. For all the potential benefits the cloud provides, including agility, scalability, security, and cost savings, it can still be difficult or impossible to get visibility into your workloads—let alone effectively manage them—when you are running applications across different environments. Automation is key to ensuring consistent application delivery across your on-premises and cloud environments.

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Regardless of where your applications are running or the type of ADC you are using, you can minimize configuration and deployment errors across your entire fleet of ADCs by leveraging the automation with control that Citrix Application Delivery Management provides for one-click configuration changes across hybrid multi-cloud.

Only Citrix Application Delivery Management gives you a single pane of glass to holistically manage your application delivery infrastructure across any application, any environment or any ADC form factor. You can automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual errors to increase availability and gain efficiency. Additionally, you’re able to more efficiently take advantage of Citrix ADC pooled licensing capacity. By serving as a central place where you can see comprehensive license status and check out and reallocate licenses when and where you need them, Citrix Application Delivery Management makes it faster and easier to redeploy Citrix ADCs across your entire hybrid multi-cloud environment.  

Deploying applications frequently and at scale is both time-consuming and error-prone if done manually. Citrix Application Delivery Management provides automated and unified application delivery management for a “define once and deploy everywhere” approach that simplifies operations and maintains consistency across your entire environment while ensuring compliance with operational practices and security policies.

Citrix Application Delivery Management abstracts the configuration of individual Citrix ADCs to make the process programmatic. This approach enables you to create and deploy configuration file templates along with environment-specific variables during the provisioning or updating of Citrix ADCs, which makes it much easier to holistically manage your network resources across a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

While automated one-click deployment is far faster and less error-prone than manual configuration, you also retain the ability to audit configurations when needed. Citrix Application Delivery Management provides a built-in auditing feature for checking the integrity of configurations across your Citrix ADC fleet. It will alert you to changes and drift and provide details so that you can troubleshoot easier and more quickly address unauthorized and unexpected configuration changes. 

To meet the demand for your applications when they are running in cloud, you need to scale up your network resources along with your application resources. When demand subsides, you need to scale down to avoid the unnecessary cost of idle resources. Continually monitoring traffic using manual processes is cumbersome and time-consuming. Citrix Application Delivery Management enables you to achieve dynamic auto-scaling of resources across your environments.

Auto-scaling ensures that your application always has the correct number of Citrix ADCs to handle traffic demand and to stay up and running at all times. With zero-touch configuration, you get continuous application monitoring, and Citrix Application Delivery Management will add or remove Citrix ADCs dynamically depending on the demand.  Dynamic Citrix ADC provisioning and deprovisioning helps you save money by launching ADC instances only when they are needed.