Citrix and Upwork power secure, flexible work

Upwork, the world’s largest online talent marketplace, and Citrix are teaming up with a first in the industry partnership that will bring unique benefits, opportunities, and solutions for organizations to adapt, scale and succeed in the new normal. Remote work is here to stay. According to a recent Future of Work report, 62% of hiring managers believe their workforce will be more remote workers than before the ongoing pandemic. While 75% of hiring managers will maintain or increase their engagements with independent talent. Citrix and Upwork are working to simplify access to widely distributed and proven talent by providing hiring managers the flexibility to close their most critical skills gaps. Together, we enable organizations to securely find, onboard, and manage top talent from across the globe with secure and simple access to best-in-class remote work solutions. Giving organizations of all sizes and across all industries flexible access to achieve the benefits of tomorrow’s workforce – today.

See how the Upwork Talent Solution with Citrix Workspace simplifies access to top talent

Upwork teams with Citrix to power flexible work

See how the leading online talent solution leverages Citrix Workspace to seamlessly integrate remote talent while meeting the most rigorous IT security requirements.

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Explore the value of the Citrix and Upwork partnership

The Upwork Talent Solution with Citrix Workspace enables your organization to successfully adapt, navigate, and benefit from the new normal of remote work and an increasingly distributed workforce:

  • More easily access a wide-range of proven and expert professional talent
  • Rapidly onboard (and offboard) independent professionals and agencies with best-in-class Citrix remote work technology services
  • Enable highly skilled professionals to immediately work securely, productively, and conveniently from anywhere on their preferred devices
  • Provide secure, reliable access to only the apps and corporate data needed to get the job done
  • Eliminate the time-consuming, costly need to provide, manage, and recover corporate-owned devices
  • Pay only for what you use and need with flexible, cloud-based, Citrix Workspace services

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