Citrix Network Security Survey

Results indicate businesses need to shift away from protecting devices and focus on securing apps and data

Citrix conducted an internal survey* of customers in July 2016 to find out about top application security business priorities, how specific threats are changing security operations, and the impact of cloud. Some of our findings revealed that more than half of Citrix customers surveyed are changing the way their SecOps teams operate because of the increase in ransomware, targeted malware, and phishing attacks.

Just over 48 percent said that end-to-end protection of applications and data was most important to protecting their always-on business, while 56 percent are looking more closely at how to simplify management and monitoring of SSL certificates.

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What is your top application security business priority?

Management, visibility and analytics to make more efficient, informed business decisions 20%
Protection against web app attack vectors 12%
Moving from SSL to TLS to enhance security 3%
Securing cloud deployments 8%
Access management 16%
All of the above 40%

Citrix customers name management, visibility and analytics as top app security business priority.

What do you think is most important to protecting the apps & data of your always-on business?

Secure, fast cloud data access 9%
Prevention of shadow IT 5%
Stopping data center infiltration / data exfiltration from a variety of attack vectors 22%
Malware protection 8%
End-to-end protection of apps and data 49%
Efficient, secure cloud deployment 5%
Other 2%

49% of Citrix customers name end-to-end protection as most important to securing apps and data.

As your business moves more data to cloud environments, what are your top priorities in securing your company’s data?

Keeping data secure in transit 61%
Appropriate access levels 57%
Policy enforcement to meet compliance regulations 61%
Accurate, real-time monitoring and reporting 39%
Management and visibility of traffic and analytics 43%

Citrix customers name data in transit and policy enforcement top data security priorities.

Are you looking for protection against specific attack vectors? Select all that apply.

DDoS 55%
Web firewall attacks 56%
Malware 75%
Ransomware 75%
Phishing 60%
Efficient, secure cloud deployment 5%
Blacklisted IPs 34%

Malware and ransomware are among most concerning attack vectors.

Which network security technologies are currently in use or planned for acquisition (within 12 months) to guard all network assets against cyber threats? Select all that apply.

Advanced malware analysis / sandboxing 44%
Data loss/leak prevention (DLP) 46%
Denial of service (DoS/DDoS) prevention 48%
Network behavior analysis (NBA) 27%
Next-generation firewall (NGFW) 47%
Secure email gateway (SEG) 52%
Secure web gateway (SWG) 49%
Security analytics / full-packet capture and analysis 27%
Security information and event management (SIEM) 39%
Threat intelligence service 34%
Web application firewall (WAF) 44%

52% of Citrix customers use or plan to use Secure Email Gateway technology to guard against cyber threats.

Has the increase in ransomware, targeted malware and phishing attacks changed security operations at your company in the last three months?

Yes 51%
No 49%

51% of Citrix customers say increased cyber attacks have changed security ops in the last 3 months.

Given recent attacks, are you looking more closely at how to simplify management and monitoring of  SSL certificates?

Yes 56%
No 44%

56% of Citrix customers say recent security attacks could change management and monitoring of SSL certs.

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*The Citrix Qualtrics network security survey was conducted in July 2016. The U.S. survey included 178 respondents ranging from IT managers to network administrators up to the VP-level.