Secure your critical business information to prevent data loss

Intellectual property (IP) and other sensitive business data are prime targets for attacks. Information like trade secrets, customer records, business plans, and financial data are highly valuable to cyber criminals, state actors, hacktivists, and in some cases, even malicious insiders.

Traditional security products aren’t enough to ensure enterprise data is protected from theft, loss, or alteration. IT and security teams need a proactive approach to security.

Control data, and grant access to IP based on each user’s needs while ensuring privacy, achieving compliance, thwarting attacks, and preventing data loss or alteration.

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Intellectual property, such as copyrights, designs, patents, and trade secrets that unique to your organization, sometimes can be accidentally shared by a well-intended employee or maliciously through an attack or insider theft.

To fully secure your organization against data loss, organizations need an intelligent, comprehensive security solution that provides access on an as-needed basis, enables tracking and data monitoring data, and offers the ability to quickly disable user credentials.

Organizations across industries have sensitive business data on file—and it’s all at risk for exploitation or accidental sharing. Information like go-to-market plans, business processes, financial documentation, classified data, legal or privileged communications, customer information, or personnel records is common information for organizations to keep on file. Ensuring that enterprise data is protected from leaks or hacks is crucial because a data breach can quickly result in loss of trust and reputation, and lost revenue.

Resources and best practices for data and IP protection

Because Citrix has designed XenApp 6.5 with its customers’ information security in mind, the solution protects DSME from potentially damaging leaks of proprietary CAD drawings or designs. Rather than storing sensitive design work on employees’ individual computer desktops, all project data remains in secure central storage. This allows external design partners to collaborate securely with internal design teams without any data leaving the Daewoo environment. We are making efforts to strengthen our global competitiveness by securing our own design technology.
Moon Kyung Yoon
Information technology team manager
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME)