Implement a successful bring-your-own device (BYOD) program

Let employees use personal devices with better security

There’s a reason so many employees want to use personal devices at work: it increases productivity by an impressive 34%.1 There’s just one problem. While a BYOD solution can be a great way to let employees decide which devices work best for them, it can also put your corporate data at risk. An astounding 75% of employees don't know how to prevent cybersecurity breaches, and the amount of staff that puts company resources at serious risk continues to rise.2 If you want to provide the power of choice, you’ll need to build better BYOD security and ensure your sensitive data stays safe.

Foster freedom—without IT stress

Did you know that 2 out of every 5 employees use personal devices that aren't monitored by IT?3 With the right BYOD security policies in place, those same employee-owned endpoints can become an asset instead of a liability. Citrix Endpoint Management lets you protect business-related activity without having to invade individual privacy. Thanks to a mobile application management (MAM) solution that allows IT to isolate corporate apps from personal ones, you can easily protect company data without touching employees’ personal information.

Make management easy for IT

When every app, device and platform can be managed from the same central location, BYOD security becomes remarkably simple. That’s why Citrix provides a single location for managing every last endpoint. Citrix Endpoint Management is designed to let employees work how, when and where they want while giving IT a single console for supporting a diverse array of devices. This setup is so secure, you won’t need to keep tabs on the devices themselves. Security policies are applied directly to the apps your employees choose to use, allowing IT to keep sensitive data secure regardless of endpoint.

Maximize mobile productivity

When used as part of the overall digital workspace experience, Citrix Endpoint Management gives staff even more of the tools they need to be productive on personal devices. They’ll get a state-of-the-art set of mobile productivity apps designed especially for BYOD employees, and be free to collaborate from any PC, laptop or mobile device they choose. Robust bring-your-own device compliance and control capabilities turn personal devices into powerful business tools—the kind that keep your workforce more engaged, productive and passionate than ever.

7 best practices for a BYOD strategy

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