A Guide To Digital Wellness

Avoiding Burn Out in the Digital Age

Wellness, and more specifically digital wellness, has become very topical in the last year. As employees become more distributed, and working from home becomes the new ‘normal’, efforts to improve mental health and employee wellness have become ever more important. A recent Citrix survey revealed that 97% of respondents agree that digital wellness solutions are necessary for strengthening and preserving company culture. In fact, bolstering company culture, reducing burnout, and remaining competitive in retaining and recruiting talent, are some of the main driving factors behind the development of digital wellness initiatives.

In the wellness space, it’s vital that leaders ask themselves some important questions. What is the human cost of increased productivity? How do you measure employee wellness? How to remain competitive and push employees to be their best, while also avoiding burnout and promoting wellness?

In this series, we have looked at employee experience, and how to operationalize EX strategies. In this episode however, we’ll be going a little deeper, and picking apart the foundations of your people strategy to demonstrate the innate value of digital wellness in the digital age.

Listen to this session as we discuss:

  • Strategies to build digital wellness
  • How to maintain engagement and social connection
  • How technology can be a great asset in the wellness space
  • And more


Safi Obeidullah
Field CTO

Amy Haworth
Senior Director, Employee Experience

Elizebeth Varghese
Talent & HR Strategy Reinvention

Kibibi Springs
Director of HR Technology and Employee Experience
Herman Miller

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