Citrix Mouse Support

Optimize the Windows experience on iPhone and iPad devices

The Citrix X1 Mouse delivers a complete mobile workspace experience to iPad and iPhone devices by enabling mouse precision to virtual applications and desktops. The X1 Mouse is also supported on external monitors.

Support for the Citrix X1 Mouse will be phased out by December 2021. For more information, please visit our product matrix.

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Frequently asked questions

iOS 8.3+, iPad3+, iPhone 5+, Windows PC (with Bluetooth 4.0), Windows 7, Windows 8, and Android 4+

Mice purchased from the Citrix Store or an authorized Distributor have a 90-day warranty.  Mice obtained as part of the Citrix Synergy X1 Mouse giveaway do not qualify for a warranty. If an issue with a purchased Citrix X1 Mouse occurs, customers should follow the diagnostics instructions on the Citrix X1 Mouse website to troubleshoot their issue.  If the issue persists, customers should obtain their Order Number and enter a request for a replacement mouse. Once you submit a request for a return, Citrix operations will review your request and respond within 10 days.

No, the Citrix X1 Mouse reached End of Sale in July 2020.

Yes, the X1 Mouse works with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and earlier. This provides you with desktop style Windows mouse events - such as right click, wheel scroll and hover events – inside a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops session.

Additionally, starting with iPadOS 14, you can leverage generic mice on iPads in addition to the X1 Mouse. However, this is limited to the iPad screen only and not external monitors.

Yes, with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 with the AssistiveTouch feature enabled, but only for simple clicks and drags. The desktop style Windows mouse events that the Citrix X1 Mouse can provide are only available within Citrix Workspace app in a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops session. The X1 Mouse also functions as a standard Bluetooth-enabled mouse on Android, Mac and Windows devices. 

Customers are urged to troubleshoot the mouse using the diagnostic instructions on (see below).  The Citrix Workspace app support team is trained to troubleshoot X1 Mouse integration issues, with Workspace app or Citrix Receiver, but physical issues with the X1 Mouse should be handled via the request a return form on  Customers are also encouraged to purchase Software Maintenance for their Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments to get access to the latest troubleshooting tools, techniques and resources.

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x and XenApp 6.5 have been tested and validated, but the mouse should work for all version of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops utilizing the Receiver for iOS 5.9.5 or higher.

  1. Install the Citrix Workspace app. This can be found by searching for “Citrix Workspace” on the App Store. If you are still using Citrix Receiver, ensure that you upgrade to the latest Citrix Workspace app as since August 2018, updates and feature enhancements are only available for Workspace app.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad.
  3. Power ON the X1 Mouse using the switch on the bottom of the mouse - the clear button on the top of the mouse will blink blue.
  4. Start Workspace and enable X1 Mouse from the Citrix X1 Mouse settings screen, which is found under the Application Settings.
  5. If you’re prompted to allow Workspace to use Bluetooth, make sure to allow it.
  6. Press the Connect button on the bottom of the mouse - the clear button on the top of the mouse will blink blue.
  7. iOS will prompt you to pair the mouse, tap Pair.
  8. Once paired, you can see the mouse pointer. While on the Citrix X1 Mouse settings screen, you can move the pointer and adjust mouse options including the mouse speed. Please note however, that mouse clicks will not work while on this screen.
  9. In case of any issues (i.e. if you’re not seeing the mouse pointer)
    1. Go to iOS Settings > Bluetooth and make sure it is turned ON.
    2. Go to iOS Settings > Workspace and make sure the Bluetooth option is turned ON.
    3. Turn the Citrix X1 Mouse option in Workspace app OFF and back ON.
    4. Power the mouse OFF and back ON using the switch on the bottom of the mouse.
    5. If that still doesn’t help, go to iOS Settings > Bluetooth, locate the Citrix X1 Mouse, tap i next to it, then tap Forget This Device.
    6. Follow the pairing process again, as in #2-7 and make sure you pair the mouse while in the Workspace mouse settings screen or in a session.
    7. Make sure the Citrix X1 Mouse is connected to the intended iPad or iPhone, not a different Bluetooth enabled device.