Wind energy leader powers into the future

Vestas lives on the cutting edge. Founded in 1898 as a blacksmith shop in rural Denmark, it has reinvented itself many times—from manufacturing kitchen appliances to making hydraulic cranes and intercoolers for turbochargers. Today it is the world’s leading wind turbine supplier.

In a company so innovative, the IT organization must be a key player. “There is a responsibility for IT to be groundbreaking,” says Kristoffer Nicolajsen, IT architect at Vestas. “IT can’t just sit in the basement tending the servers and making sure everything’s running OK.”

The sustainable energy market is evolving fast, and Nicolajsen and his IT teammates help keep Vestas in the game by continuously strengthening the company’s competitive position.

To do it, they rely on Citrix. With Citrix solutions, they’re helping to increase productivity, improve the workplace experience, and keep information secure. What’s more, they’re powering the Vestas tradition of innovation and excellence.

Agile solutions increase productivity for all

Vestas has a diverse group of employees, from workers sanding blades on the factory floor to engineers traveling the world. Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop virtualization software provide the agility Vestas needs to enhance productivity for all of them. For example, until recently, workers at the company’s huge turbine factories were walking the long production lines, checking thousands of quality points, and still using paper to take notes. With Citrix technology, Vestas automates this process and increases productivity.

Vestas can now take apps normally available only on Windows and present them on any device. And with the Citrix XenMobile solution, Vestas can manage devices, apps, and content on bring-your-own (BYO) and corporate devices around the world.

“Work is not a place; it’s something you do,” says Nicolajsen. “XenDesktop and XenApp allow our users to work the way that is best for them, and in the way that is most productive.” And gains have followed. Now, instead of taking weeks to adapt to a new system and work style, employees are productive from day one.

Secure collaboration protects work with third parties

Vestas supplies high-definition computer-aided designs (CAD) to consultants in various countries. “We have engineers around the world developing our turbines,” Nicolajsen says. “But we don’t want our IP to flow to competitors so they can bring a new turbine to market before us.”

Citrix solutions not only allow a secure way for third parties to access designs. HDX 3D Pro, a set of graphics acceleration technologies, optimizes the virtualization of rich graphics apps and enables secure, real-time, remote collaboration on design data.

Citrix solutions also allow Vestas to onboard external consultants more quickly and securely because staff can create a virtual desktop infrastructure and deliver it as soon as they need it.

100 percent uptime ensures exceptional user experience

To remain competitive, companies today must take advantage of the cloud. But that advantage evaporates if application delivery is not reliable and uptime is not 100 percent. Vestas uses Citrix NetScaler App Delivery Controller technology to ensure application uptime and faultless performance.

Vestas can deliver apps across hybrid and multicloud architectures with an exceptional user experience. “NetScaler ADC is a way to move different solutions into the cloud and tie them all together,” says Nicolajsen. “This is critical because our ERP solution and some of our Microsoft apps are in the cloud. Additionally, we want to bring XenMobile into the cloud. We need NetScaler to tie all these pieces together.”

Flexible products make future technology a reality now

The future of IT is in the conference room, not the server room. It’s supporting innovation and enabling new ways for employees to do their jobs better. It’s delivering direct and relevant apps and data quickly. It’s freeing people to focus on their tasks rather than grappling with a complicated user experience.

Vestas is using Citrix solutions to make this future a reality. The IT department can deliver a uniform experience to workers, helping them focus on their jobs. For instance, users can pull up the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system on a virtual desktop or a mobile device and it looks just like a native app, even though it’s being hosted in the Vestas data center.

“We learn a lot just by listening to our users rather than telling them what to do,” says Thomas Daugaard, Vestas IT architect. “This is easier said than done. Often the IT team is so busy simply maintaining systems they don’t have time to listen, learn, and innovate. Citrix technology makes this possible.

“Citrix took away some of the operational challenges that we faced and freed up time for our IT people to work with the business and figure out how to create solutions to support the business,” Daugaard says. “And when IT can help the business, that’s great. I would much rather do that than operate servers and patch software all day long.”

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Work is not a place; it’s something you do. XenDesktop and XenApp allow our users to work the way they want and the way they’re most productive.
Kristoffer Nicolajsen
IT Architect


Citrix Products

  • XenApp and XenDesktop enhance productivity by making apps and systems available everywhere Vestas does business.
  • XenMobile allows Vestas to manage devices, apps, and content on BYO and corporate devices around the world.
  • HDX 3D Pro technology protects sensitive data with secure remote collaboration.
  • NetScaler App Delivery Controller helps Vestas take advantage of the cloud by ensuring application uptime