Sofor Secures Virtual Infrastructure Against Targeted Attacks

IT service provider implements a unique approach to redefining infrastructure security with Citrix and Bitdefender

Founded in 1991, Sofor Oy is a Finnish IT service provider with offices in Kauhava, Helsinki, Tampere, and Vaasa. With an extensive data center based on Citrix Hypervisor, Sofor specializes in mobile solutions, business digitization and management, and capacity services, and offers hosted applications that include Microsoft Windows, Lotus Notes, Linux web and database services, as well as Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops-hosted shared desktops providing remote customer desktops.

Sofor serves mostly Finnish customers plus a few multi-national businesses. The verticals they serve include heavy industry, construction, steel, manufacturing, and some public-sector businesses. The applications their customers host/run within their infrastructure are mainly office worker productivity-based, with some ERM applications.

Sofor sought a solution to minimize or eliminate the risk of sophisticated, persistent attacks. They found that traditional security solutions don’t respond quickly enough and are not as scalable as needed.

Traditional models also required each VM to have in-guest VM agents, and the management of these agent updates and upgrades requires outages, creating a management burden. There were also performance issues due to resource contention; for example, multiple VMs’ agents trying to scan at the same time. Sofor considered replacing in-guest agents with an agentless solution, but found these solutions aren’t truly agentless— an in-guest agent is still required to offload file system scanning.

“As a provider of managed services, we at Sofor are highly aware of our key role on defending our customers against misuse and attacks of a hostile world,” says Sofor Business Manager Harri Ruoho. “To fulfill successfully our defense role and to meet our customer’s security needs, it is critical to minimize time-consuming complexity to gain maximized value.”

Through their research, Sofor learned about Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) and how Citrix and Bitdefender had worked together to develop an HVI solution that delivers new heights of security to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments. In addition to being simpler to administer and offering performance and scalability that surpasses traditional security solutions, Sofor considered the joint HVI solution a business differentiator to offer their customers.

Since implementing the Citrix with Bitdefender HVI solution, Sofor has been able to realize the unique benefits provided by agentless, raw memory introspection directly at the hypervisor level, ensuring their mission-critical data center is well protected from the most sophisticated attacks.

“Citrix Hypervisor with Bitdefender HVI gives us this uniquely clever security edge,” Ruoho says.  

Citrix XenServer with Bitdefender HVI gives us this uniquely clever security edge.
Harri Ruoho
Business Manager


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