Multibrand auto retailer drives productivity and cost savings with Citrix Cloud

Drawn by the increasing power and affordability of cloud and mobile technologies, growing businesses are finding new ways to innovate, boost efficiency, and drive business.

Clint Newell Auto Group sells Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Toyota cars and trucks to a market of more than 100,000 people in southwest Oregon. To gain agility and remain competitive, the dealership has adopted a range of Citrix Cloud services that have increased employee productivity and simplified its IT environment.

“Moving forward, it’s going to be very difficult to innovate and provide new features and additional wow factors for your customers if you don’t have the right technology in place,” says Clint Newell, president of the auto group.

Clint Newell Auto Group is using Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Service and ShareFile to deliver apps and data while reducing IT complexity and costs. The group is also using Citrix for high performance, secure delivery of applications across any network .

Cloud services make IT easy

Citrix Cloud keeps multiple workspace services up to date, optimized, integrated, and deployed everywhere. The auto group can manage all applications from a unified Citrix Cloud management plane without having to worry about software patches, updates, and upgrades.

“Using Citrix Cloud services reduces IT administration and attendant costs., The Citrix Cloud management plane unifies apps, desktops, data, device management, and networking on one platform,” says Ryan Parker, chief technology officer at Clint Newell Auto Group. “This is the most effective way to securely deliver virtual apps and workspaces.”

The Citrix Cloud management platform also allows centralized administration of third-party apps such as its customer management system, auto manufacturers’ supply chain management systems, and body shop applications.

“Monitoring those apps on Citrix Cloud is seamless for us in the IT department,” says Parker. “We can push updates to end users on a regular basis, which is extremely convenient.”

Citrix Cloud also helps ensure business continuity because services run on a highly available and globally distributed infrastructure.

And in terms of scalability, Citrix Cloud allows the group to quickly and cost-effectively expand without additional hardware, plus save time on manual tasks, such as server maintenance.

The dealership also values that it was able to move to the cloud while protecting its investments in its existing technologies, including Citrix XenServer.

“From an infrastructure standpoint, migrating to Citrix Cloud gave us some relief in terms of having to expand our IT system, add more servers and equipment, and manage more things internally,” says Newell. “Going to the cloud-based format alleviated a lot of that.”

Secure file sharing keeps business in sync

Buying a car still involves a great deal of paperwork. At Clint Newell Auto Group, ShareFile keeps all the documents portable and safe. The ShareFile secure content collaboration and file-sharing solution supports all tasks and workflows requiring documentation.

“ShareFile gives us a secure format for file transfers,” Newell says. “For example, I exchange a lot of financial data with my CPA via ShareFile—things like tax returns, financial statements, that sort of stuff. I can send it all via ShareFile securely and efficiently.”

Application delivery controller provides security and data protection

Dealerships must safeguard sensitive customer information, including driver’s licenses, W-2s, Social Security numbers, and more.

The auto group manages all its apps and data with confidence through Citrix Cloud because of the Citrix NetScaler application delivery controller which strengthens the company’s security posture and eliminates blind spots in its environment.

NetScaler technology delivers complete visibility and control over web usage, and the dealership can consistently enforce company policies, block malicious material, and keep customer and business information safe.

Citrix Cloud delivers versatility and performance

“If Citrix Cloud were a car, it would be a Chevy Suburban,” Newell says. “It has tremendous utility and great capacity. It’s good in all conditions. It can go anywhere and do almost anything, and do it very comfortably.”

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If Citrix Cloud were a car, it would be a Chevy Suburban. It has utility and capacity. It can go anywhere and do almost anything, and do it very comfortably.
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