Citrix Receiver for Linux Certificate Identity Declaration SDK

Create customized Virtual Channels on the Android Platform


The purpose of this SDK is to provide developers with a means of creating a customized virtual channel over ICA connection established from Android Platforms.

An ICA virtual channel is a bidirectional, error-free connection for the exchange of generalized packet data between a client and a server running XenApp or XenDesktop. Each implementation of a customized virtual channel on Android platforms consists of two components:

Server-side portion on the computer running XenApp or XenDesktop
The virtual channel on the server side is a normal Win32 process. It can be an application or a Windows NT service.

Client-side portion on the Android device
The client-side custom virtual channel driver executes in the context of the client. You must write your virtual driver on Android platform. 

SDK Example

We have provided a PIN/MIX/Over sample demoing some different use case scenarios. Please use the button below to download from our Github site.

Additional Information:
For more information about building and enabling virtual channels that run on Citrix infrastructure please visit our Server Virtual Channel SDK page. 

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