Project Zeus

Communicate instantly to get work done


Sometimes you just need a quick answer or update – and work suffers when you have to wait for a callback or meeting. Project Zeus gives you a simple tool to instantly ask, answer and even seamlessly switch to video conferencing and screen sharing.

Project Zeus Video Screen Sharing

Get clarity with video calls and screen sharing.

Face-to-face conversations work wonders when you’re not on the same page as a colleague. With Project Zeus you can clear up the matter instantly with an ad-hoc video conference. You can even share your screen to work together on documents, presentations and ideas.

Project Zeus Instant Messaging

Get quick answers with instant messaging.

When you need to get that one vital piece of information to keep the project momentum going, instant messaging on Project Zeus is the perfect solution. It’s less formal than a phone call or meeting and faster than an email.

Project Zeus Group Conversation

Knock down project roadblocks with a group conversation.

When you’re working with a team, it’s critical to keep everyone looped in. With Project Zeus, you and up to 5 participants can collaborate instantly and move fluidly between instant messaging, video conferencing and screen sharing – whatever the specific task requires. Everyone has the ability to share their screen and webcam.