Citrix Does Valuable Work in Agogo, Ghana

The Agogo Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Training and Access Center offers this rural African village a window into the world of online information. Access to Citrix-hosted applications and the Web holds the promise of improved healthcare, expanded education and communications, and new economic opportunities. Citrix has worked closely with Sister Cities International (SCI), Digital Development Partnership (DDP), and the Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT to provide guidance, technological expertise and contributions to the project. Further, government officials in Ghana hope to replicate the IT success in Agogo across the country, providing affordable, subscription-based access to hosted applications and making high-speed Internet connectivity available to everyone.

Citrix receives the Corporate Global Responsibility Award from Sister Cities International (SCI).

An important component of this project is the ongoing relationship between Agogo and Fort Lauderdale that was established through SCI. Citrix pioneered the concept of Cyber Sister Cities (CSC), which leverage information and communications technology to facilitate city-to-city and citizen-to-citizen partnerships.

As the first Cyber Sister Cities, Agogo and Fort Lauderdale have shared ideas such as adapting aquaculture and hydroponics projects in Collier City to create economic opportunities in Agogo. Another promising joint economic development project involves producing organic honey in Agogo and marketing it in the United States and other countries. The learning opportunities extend to schoolchildren in Fort Lauderdale who have been engaged to help develop a business plan.

Nana Sarpong participating in the opening of the Agogo ICT Training and Access Center.

Schoolchildren in Agogo are expected to be the heaviest users of the ICT Training and Access Center. Located in a reconfigured meeting hall the center is close to the village’s secondary and high schools. According to one teacher, desire to use the computers will undoubtedly create strong interest in basic skills like reading and writing, which were often neglected by children who could not see their usefulness in a subsistence farming environment.

Individual and Corporate Donations


Donations are also needed to sustain the Agogo ICT Training and Access Center.  If you would like to support Sister Cities International please donate now.

Project Needs and Beneficiaries - Computers, software applications, and Internet access are prohibitively expensive for most Ghanaians. The Agogo ICT Access & Training Center will respond to this need by providing these at affordable subscription rates and the training to maximize the potential of these technology and telecommunications resources. Local government officials, students, business people, and community members will then be able to capitalize on educational resources, economic opportunities and health information.

Activities - Funded by subscriptions and grants, the Center will host computer trainings focused on local officials, students, and business people. Applications will support teacher training, entrepreneurial mentoring in e-commerce and healthcare initiatives.

Expected Outcomes - The Center will encourage new successful businesses and entrepreneurs, computer competency and literacy among young people, and improved health resources available to local healthcare workers, which will benefit the whole population of Agogo.


Volunteer opportunities - Virtual mentors are needed to assist in supporting the technical aspects of the projects. In addition, the children of Agogo are seeking email pen pals. For details, please contact Ernie Ofori at the Agogo ICT Training and Access Center at

Citrix was recently honored by Sister Cities International for the innovative approach to bridging the digital divide by creating “Cyber” Sister Cities and bringing Information Technology to the Ashanti Tribe of Ghana.