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What is Cloud Computing?

The consumerization of IT and emergence of cloud services like Amazon AWS, Rackspace and Google have transformed the industry and become the new model of how hosted IT services are being delivered and consumed. Previously, IT organizations relied on slow, manual provisioning processes that required ticket requests, approvals and long deployment times in order to deliver new IT services to their users and business units. The result? Long wait times to get resources, project backlogs and lowered overall IT efficiency. 

Enterprises are now turning to cloud computing to enable more agile, elastic and on-demand IT services to their employees and service providers are seeking more efficient cloud solutions to grow their business and increase customer loyalty. Cloud computing is a style of computing which uses Internet technology to deliver scalable and elastic IT services on-demand. This shift to cloud computing enables organizations to simplify IT processes by automating the management and provisioning of their infrastructure, providing self-service access of IT services to their end-users and allowing for monitoring and metering of resource consumption.

How does Citrix help with cloud computing?

Today the world’s largest and most innovative public and private clouds are built using Citrix solutions. Citrix delivers end-to-end cloud orchestration and management for both enterprise and service provider customers for every type of workload. Built on an open source foundation, Citrix enables organizations to deliver cloud services to their end-users with greater speed, agility and efficiency, allowing them to capitalize on the benefits that cloud computing has to offer.

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Explore Citrix products for cloud computing

NetScaler ADC for application delivery networking
NetScaler SD-WAN for WAN optimization
CloudPortal Services Manager for self-service provisioning
XenServer for cloud optimized virtualization