XenDesktop Essentials Service – Frequently Asked Questions

XenDesktop Essentials Service is the name of the new Citrix Cloud service designed specifically for managing and delivering Windows 10 Enterprise virtual desktops on Azure. This new service harnesses the power of XenDesktop to simplify Windows 10 Enterprise migration, expedite Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure deployment and streamline on-going management at-scale while delivering a rich user experience. XenDesktop Essentials will be available exclusively in the Azure Marketplace giving Citrix and Microsoft customers a single transactional interface to manage the new Citrix Cloud service and Azure infrastructure side-by-side.

XenDesktop Essentials Service includes all the respective XenDesktop management components (Citrix Studio, Director, Delivery Controller, and SQL Server) and the underlying Microsoft Operating System and Azure infrastructure for those components. XenDesktop Essentials Service also includes 1GB of NetScaler Gateway Service data transfer per user per month. By providing instant access to all the core XenDesktop management components, you can quickly provision and manage hundreds or thousands of Windows 10 Enterprise virtual desktops from Azure. Please note, customers must bring their own Azure subscription for the underlying Windows 10 Enterprise virtual desktop Azure infrastructure. The Azure infrastructure for the Windows 10 Enterprise virtual desktops and associated Windows 10 Enterprise Desktop OS license is not included with XenDesktop Essentials.

There will be a minimum number of 25 users required to purchase the XenDesktop Essentials via the Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft announced pending changes to Windows 10 Product Terms (PT) via the following announcement: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2016/05/24/microsoft-and-citrix-partner-to-help-customers-move-to-the-cloud/. Microsoft customers with Windows Per User License (Windows 10 E3/E5 Per User or Windows VDA Per User) in the future will be able to make use of a new virtualization benefit that will allow customers to also run Windows 10 Enterprise Current Branch for Business (CBB) on Azure and qualified third-party partners. Get more details.

XenDesktop Essentials is now available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

XenDesktop Essentials pricing is $12 per user per month, 25 user minimum. Billing is charged monthly through Azure Marketplace and is auto renewed.

You can use Azure Monetary Commitment and/or Azure Credits to pay for the Azure infrastructure associated with the Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure workload for XenDesktop Essentials. However, Azure Monetary Commitment or Azure Credits cannot be used to pay for the XenDesktop Essentials cloud service.

For more information on an evaluation of XenDesktop Essentials, please contact a Citrix representative.

XenDesktop Essentials is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for a minimum of 25 users using your Microsoft Azure account. As part of the XenDesktop Essentials onboarding process, you will also be required to create a unique Citrix Cloud account at https://onboarding.cloud.com to complete the transaction. Please make sure you enter accurate information for all the details including address fields to ensure your order can be processed.

Your bill for XenDesktop Essentials usage will appear directly on your Microsoft Azure bill. When you purchase XenDesktop Essentials, you are enlisting for a month to month subscription and will be automatically charged for the remainder of the month. You can change the number of users each month and your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each month unless cancelled.

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