IBM and Citrix ShareFile

Secure File Sync & Sharing with Scalable On-Prem Storage

Citrix ShareFile is teaming up with IBM to offer secure enterprise file sync and sharing with on-premises storage to help businesses protect how data is stored, accessed and shared. ShareFile and IBM have taken out the guess work for customers by combining market-leading enterprise file sync and sharing services with highly optimized, efficient and scalable storage; a solution that has been fully tested, validated and proven by both companies.  The two products together, protect valuable data while delivering simplified data management. IBM and Citrix ShareFile promise future proof scalability on a budget.  Always reliable.  Always efficient.

Securely share, store and protect business data with two market leaders

Together, IBM and Citrix ShareFile can help to protect business data by providing secure IT oversight, and flexible and scalable storage options. Many small businesses are increasingly moving to SaaS applications and cloud-based storage in pursuit of lower costs and greater agility, while most medium to larger enterprises are pursuing a hybrid strategy, retaining a significant amount of storage capacity on-premises for reasons of performance, security, regulatory compliance, and costs. Many enterprises will keep mission-critical data in-house or on-premises and use the cloud for lower-priority data and for coping with episodic capacity requirements.

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