IBM and Citrix ADC

Advanced application and network performance optimization for improved delivery of enterprise and cloud services

Monumental changes in the IT industry are driving the need for transformation in the network. IBM and Citrix offer solutions to help organizations build enterprise cloud networks that provide the secure foundation for service delivery – whether it’s for web applications, desktop virtualization or mobile services.

Combining IBM cloud and networking services, systems and software with the Citrix ADC application delivery controller (ADC), clients can enhance application availability, performance, workload balancing and security in an integrated solution. As a long-standing customer of Citrix, IBM relies on Citrix ADC to optimize their corporate website,

Web application and cloud service delivery

The IBM Application and Network Performance Optimization (ANPO) solution, powered by Citrix ADC, helps lower the cost of web application delivery, optimizes the experience for all users (including mobile), and makes applications run five times better – regardless of location and device. IBM Global Services can assess and design your network infrastructure, helping consolidate underutilized systems onto this single, easy-to-use platform to reduce bandwidth, power and server expense. With advanced TriScale technology, Citrix ADC scales up, in and out automatically and on-demand to meet changing business needs and emerging technologies.

Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds

With IBM and Citrix ADC external and internal clouds can come together to enable IT to maintain control and security, even when applications move into the cloud. Citrix ADC provides L4-7 traffic management, offers an integrated application firewall and offloads servers to ensure application availability. Advanced attack protection helps increase security, and smart monitors and alerts keep IT aware of system health.

Virtual desktop environment

Citrix ADC is an integral part of the reference architecture, along with Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service), for the IBM Mobile Virtualization Services solution from IBM Global Services, and IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure from IBM Systems & Technology. In many cases, a desktop virtualization engagement will also incorporate IBM BladeCenter or IBM System x servers, IBM storage and Citrix Hypervisor technologies.

IBM Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments

IBM’s Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments is a network virtualization overlay technology that runs on top of existing networks. With IBM SDN VE, a single physical network can scale to up to 16,000 virtual networks without requiring additional network infrastructure. IBM has partnered with Citrix to provide customers with the ability to seamlessly incorporate Citrix ADC into IBM SDN VE deployments. By doing so, they can enable their cloud environments to scale up via Citrix TriScale technology; thereby bringing the same innovation that powers many of the world’s largest clouds to the IBM SDN VE reference architecture. Together, Citrix ADC and IBM SDN VE facilitate a new virtualized, multi-tenant network with advanced traffic management.

IBM and Citrix are both founding members of the OpenDaylight Project, a community-led and industry-supported framework designed to accelerate the adoption of an open and transparent approach to Software Defined Networking. Along with other industry leaders, we are contributing advanced technology to help further collaborative development and innovation.

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