IBM and Citrix Hypervisor

Cloud-ready server virtualization for the most demanding workloads

Hosted desktop virtualization solutions with SoftLayer, an IBM company

With the acquisition of SoftLayer Technologies, IBM reaffirmed its commitment to helping clients successfully integrate cloud computing, merging it with existing IBM SmartCloud offerings in a new services division.

Citrix has worked with SoftLayer for years, supplying Citrix Hypervisor that powers SoftLayer’s cloud solutions and help virtualize the most demanding workloads, automate management processes and support effective business continuity. And IBM System x and BladeCenter servers are certified for Citrix Hypervisor to help clients increase IT flexibility and agility, and lower the total costs of operating a virtual environment.

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Meeting demand across industries

Organizations in any industry can benefit from bringing the IBM servers and Citrix Hypervisor together to meet growing business demands. The introduction of SoftLayer technology strengthens the ability to create “dedicated” servers within a virtual environment to protect data in a cloud environment – something businesses in finance and healthcare are particularly interested in.

Certified for customer success

IBM has a proven track record of customer success with Citrix-based solutions running on IBM System x and BladeCenter servers. One large European school deployed 18 new IBM servers and an IBM disk storage system, using Citrix Virtual Apps and Citrix Hypervisor to provide access to applications for up to 360 concurrent users through 800 thin client terminals in classrooms. With the virtualized environment, the school reduced its IT management workload by 90 percent with easy provisioning and management of virtual server images, lower operational costs and higher reliability.

IBM System x and BladeCenter servers are featured on the Citrix Hardware Compatibility List.