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Unified Endpoint Management with Google Chrome Enterprise support

Together, Google Chrome Enterprise and Citrix XenMobile deliver a comprehensive solution for managing secure access and configurations on any Chrome endpoint. From a single console, XenMobile provides the visibility and control that gives both IT and end users the confidence to work productively on any device.

XenMobile and Chrome Enterprise allow IT to easily and securely manage all endpoints across the enterprise within a single console. To make things easy, existing XenMobile Service customers automatically receive Chrome Enterprise support.

XenMobile can also be used to secure Chrome devices using policies, such as:

  • Enforcing Chrome OS updates
  • Disabling guest user mode and incognito mode 
  • Authorizing Android and Chrome applications

Some of the main configuration policies include the ability to configure power management settings and manage cookie behavior, as well as single sign-on IDP redirection.

XenMobile support for Chrome Enterprise gives IT the ability to deliver secure workspaces to more device types than ever before. This enables customers to further extend the management and security benefits from hundreds of successful Citrix app and desktop virtualization deployments on Chrome OS endpoints.

New customers can confidently deploy market-leading Citrix virtualization solutions with Chrome Enterprise and also gain the full benefits of XenMobile support on any Android and Chrome endpoint.