Deliver application agility with Citrix ADC and Cisco ACI

With the changing character of applications and the evolving requirements for the development and management of these apps, IT leaders need a simple, automated, and agile infrastructure that better aligns with the needs of the entire application lifecycle. Citrix and Cisco share a common vision where applications guide networking behavior, making IT more responsive to changing business and application needs, enhancing agility, and adding business value.

  • Accelerate application performance by reducing the amount of data sent to users.
  • Maximize application uptime and avoid single points of failure.
  • Fully understand your application infrastructure, regardless of where the application resides.

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Tight integration between Citrix ADC and Cisco ACI delivers a secure, scalable, and automated application infrastructure, self-learning networks, and multiple deployment options. Cisco ACI uses application-centric concepts to automate network setup. Included with ACI, the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) supplies centralized, policy-based control and management of application infrastructure. Citrix ADC delivers integrated L4–L7 services, such as application acceleration, load balancing, and application security. Cisco ACI leverages the feature set of Citrix ADC appliances to intelligently control traffic flows. The solution uses the Cisco APIC to set up and manage the Cisco ACI infrastructure, Citrix ADC, network service policies, and application profiles.

With its centralized management plane, Citrix ADC alleviates the overhead and sprawl usually associated with serving complex networking applications. Through intuitive workflows, administrators can enable provisioning and deploying of new network services on demand. The central plane acts as a single point of visibility, providing a coherent view of the operational characteristics for all instances running on the appliance. Using a full-featured device package, a rich set of Citrix ADC features and deployment templates are exposed to and controlled by the Cisco APIC. The result is centralized network control and full lifecycle service management. From a single platform, administrators can view, automate, and manage network services for scale-out application architectures.

Defend the business and protect the user through a multi-layered, zero-trust, whitelist-based approach to security. By using native Cisco ACI security in combination with Citrix ADC security services, you can increase defenses with encryption and authentication, defuse threats across all networks by using micro-segmentation to quarantine malware-affected servers and virtual machines based on their attributes, and accelerate detection of attacks with extensive network visibility in the Cisco APIC. Maintain compliance through policy-based control, micro-segmentation, and multi-tenancy services that simplify management and administration. Gain visibility into the nature and extent of past, present, and impending threats, real-time actionable data on attacks, and recommendations on countermeasures with Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM).  

Citrix ADC and Cisco ACI adapt to change easily with comprehensive, programmable management of L4–L7 services. The combined solution further enhances network flexibility with policy-based insertion that automatically attributes the right Citrix ADC resources to applications based on policies defined through the Cisco APIC. Automated remediation reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) by up to 80%. There is also the assurance of future compatibility with the open protocol, Network Services Header (NSH), which invites third-party virtualization services, management tools, and additional L4–L7 support. And network service delivery is simplified by creating a single point of access with a single IP address for back-end service.

Maintain uncompromised performance across multiple applications, even as demand fluctuates, through Citrix ADC services that work directly with Cisco ACI. Optimize infrastructure assets by using multiple load-balancing techniques and drive faster network performance with dynamic load-balancing features such as Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) and Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) with Session Persistence built into multi-site ACI deployments. Enhance application performance with data caching techniques that lower the overhead associated with repeated content demands.  

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