Secure and scale your high-performance network with Citrix and AWS

Streamline application delivery and accelerate connectivity to AWS for your entire network and application delivery infrastructure. Simplify management whether you choose to operate natively on AWS or on a hybrid cloud. Support both modern and monolithic applications, gaining business flexibility. Support global users with the exceptional experience they require, while securing your digital workforces from the loss of intellectual property and data breaches.

Citrix app delivery and security on AWS

Move your datacenter to AWS

Accelerate your cloud migration by speeding up site rollouts while lowering connectivity costs and maintain network reliability. Support for AWS Transit Gateway Connect allows you to easily scale as your AWS footprint expands to multiple VPCs through a single workflow.

Deliver a reliable hybrid-cloud experience

Realize flexibility for your hybrid-cloud deployment and deliver the best user experience with support for AWS Outposts. Distribute application traffic across multiple datacenters in hybrid clouds built using AWS Regions and AWS Outposts infrastructure.

Optimize the employee experience

Deliver quality application and workspace experiences to employees and customers around the globe. Modernize your network architecture, while reducing latency and increasing bandwidth. With Citrix SD-WAN, you can deliver fault tolerant reliability, security, and performance across all locations.

Ensure high-performance application delivery

With Citrix ADC, optimize application performance, reliability, and define and enforce security policies. Our enterprise-grade solutions and expansive global footprint connect users to highly available applications that deliver exceptional performance.

Gain operational consistency

Establish operational consistency, visibility, and control over your hosted applications including microservices. Improve the security, reliability, and scalability of these applications that support your global business. Citrix Application Delivery Management and Citrix Analytics simplify the management and transitioning of workloads with central network control, analytics, and orchestration.

Automate your application delivery

Ensure every app performs and stays secure—no manual configurations needed

Your customers and employees depend on you for secure, high-performing applications. And you can depend on Citrix. Radically simplify every element of your ADC infrastructure with the industry’s first fully-automated, intent-based application delivery and security service.

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