Citrix ADC on AWS

Simplify application delivery across hybrid cloud

As you transition on-premises workloads to cloud, you’ll need to ensure that your application delivery solution is up to the task. Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the only application delivery solution that offers a single code base to provide operational and feature consistency for both monolithic and microservices-based applications across hybrid cloud.

Only Citrix ADC on AWS gives you the flexibility and efficiency of pooled-capacity licensing, which enables you to move licenses among your ADCs across your hybrid cloud environment whenever and wherever you need them. Citrix ADC on AWS also comes with automated license provisioning to make license management across hybrid cloud that much easier.

Why choose Citrix ADC on AWS?

When you choose Citrix ADC to deliver your AWS-hosted applications, you get the peace of mind that comes with a decade-long partnership and a track record of helping enterprises successfully transition to cloud-based application deployment and delivery.

With Citrix ADC on AWS, you can:

  • Deliver better application experience

    Ensure an optimal user experience for your users regardless of application type and underlying infrastructure by leveraging advanced traffic management and content optimization with high availability and scale.

  • Gain operational consistency and holistic insights

    Achieve greater agility with operational and feature consistency across monolithic and microservices-based applications and hybrid cloud. See your entire hybrid cloud environment via a single pane of glass and drill down into specific details for actionable insights and faster troubleshooting.

  • Secure your applications and APIs

    Ensure a consistent security posture across hybrid cloud and any application with comprehensive Layer 3-7 security, web application firewall (WAF), bot mitigation, and best-in-class price performance for SSL/TLS.

  • Transition to microservices with confidence

    Reduce risk with architecture flexibility to balance benefits and complexity. Get seamless integration with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and the most comprehensive choice of open source tools and achieve greater scale and lower latency, ensure consistent application and API security, and troubleshoot faster with a holistic observability stack.

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