Experience architecture

The experience of work has been constrained by complex, rigid systems that are managed and maintained for IT efficiency and security at the expense of people’s ability to use them effectively. To drive business value IT could reimagine an experience architecture designed to deliver personalized and intelligent employee experiences, simplified management and security across diverse technologies, and flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing business needs.

The new normal: Minimizing future disruption

Today’s disruptions to business continuity aren’t always what we expect. Your continuity plan needs to be flexible enough to handle the new normal of business disruptions.

Why digital transformations fail

Read why user adoption is the main challenge for digital transformation, proven ways to inspire user adoption of your new technology, and the pitfalls to avoid in gaining employee buy-in.

The adaptive workplace – empowered by experience

Rapidly changing competitive environments and continuous technological disruption means workers and organizations must cultivate the essential organizational capability for the future of work: adaptivity.

WSJ/Down Jones executive summary: The new employee experience

Employers are now focusing on creating an EX built on values aligning employee and business needs—from improved productivity to higher engagement levels—and are looking toward technology to help meet those goals.

3 ways workplace technology and culture will evolve in 2020

The future of work is more about technology evolution than revolution. Learn the top three 2020 predictions on how workplace technology and culture will continue to evolve.

How to design IT ecosystems that power optimal employee experiences

Citrix EVP and CPO, PJ Hough, examines how to design IT ecosystems that optimize your employee experience by removing the friction from everyday work.

The new mobile workforce: Aston Martin Red Bull Racing at work

Citrix is helping Aston Martin Red Bull Racing reimagine how they work at the track, the garage, the factory, and everywhere in between. This is how the future works. Are you ready?

7 best practices for a BYOD strategy

Bring your own device (BYOD) can empower employees and make them more productive, but it also poses serious compliance, security, and privacy risks for the enterprise. Before you develop your BYOD policy, review these 7 best practices and see how a complete enterprise mobility management solution from Citrix can help.

Delivering the future of work - now

The CIO’s guide to building the digital workspace for today’s hybrid- and multi-cloud strategies.

Revolutionizing space

Vector teams up with Citrix to launch smaller, smarter satellites from anywhere on Earth.

The future of work: Digital solution for any experience workplace

The need to embrace digital technologies may be obvious on a Formula One racetrack, but the same benefits can be achieved by businesses that don’t travel at over 200 mph.

The future of work: Moneyball 2.0 - What virtual reality means for MLB

Organizations like Major League Baseball (MLB) are using their workspaces and technology to create environments where employees are engaged, enabled, and empowered. This is the Future of Work.

What keeps you up at night?

Five simple questions to consider when assessing your organization’s IT security needs.

Why companies are using M&A to transform themselves, not just grow

Today's strategic companies are now using mergers and acquisitions not just to grow, but also transform business and disrupt industries.

Five steps to align your cloud strategy with business goals

Learn how to get the most from your IT investment.

Boosting productivity in the workplace: Q&A with Christian Reilly, CTO, Citrix Workspace Services

Forward-thinking organizations are looking to the simplicity of consumer IT for inspiration and moving their core systems onto the cloud. The result? Empowered employees and greater productivity.

Cloud.com: Creating a winning cloud strategy

As companies accelerate cloud adoption, challenges like cloud sprawl create more complexity, confusion, and risk. A secure digital workspace allows you to confidently pursue your cloud strategy.

Future of work: How you unlock innovation anywhere

Citrix Digital Workspaces give your company a flexible and secure platform to connect, collaborate, and innovate – on any application, any device, any cloud, at any time. This is how the future works.

Reality goes digital

We have seen the future of work, and it is Pokémon Go. How virtual, augmented, and mixed reality will soon be shaping our everyday work reality.

Security considerations for clouds and cloud services

Is it safe to suggest that cloud computing is now being viewed through its silver lining as a rebirth of security?

What your innovation process should look like

You need disruptive thinking to move the needle on business, so where do you find innovative ideas? You don't. You cultivate them.