Software manufacturer/VAR uses Citrix ShareFile to distribute data securely and more efficiently

TRANSCAT has approximately 200 employees and is a value-added reseller of Dassault Systems solutions as well as a software manufacturer in the field of digital product development. The company has been selling and implementing software with their customers for more than 25 years. Transcat has 2,000 customers worldwide that they serve with the help of more than 50 partners. Since Transcat’s customers are distributed across the globe, they choose to utilize Citrix technology to reach and engage with them. For more productive engagements, the company purchased three of Citrix’s products; GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting and ShareFile. ShareFile, an enterprise file sync and sharing service serves as a database for the information Transcat provides to their partners which allows them to distribute data quickly, securely, and more efficiently. 


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