Mackmyra distils savings with flexible Citrix desktop service

Mackmyra Whisky was Sweden’s first—and is now the country’s leading—producer of single-malt whisky. As the award-winning distillery was growing quickly and expanding its presence across Europe, the ability to work flexibly from any location was becoming increasingly important.

Historically, Mackmyra purchased IT infrastructure and paid an IT partner to host and maintain its servers in the partner’s data centre.

“We couldn’t manage the system ourselves,” explains Mackmyra’s IT manager Roger Sjödin. “We had to call the partner’s consultants several times each week. It became very expensive.”

Mackmyra needed a cost-effective way to provide mobility for its employees, so Roger turned to Citrix Solution Provider Wycore. Wycore offered a fully managed desktop infrastructure built on Citrix technology that allowed employees access to their business apps from anywhere.

Desktop service provides flexible and mobile access to apps

Citrix XenApp provides users with a hosted shared desktop complete with business applications such as the Navision ERP system and Dynamics CRM. People can securely access their desktop from any device running Citrix Receiver.

Wycore manages the server infrastructure within its data centre, and Roger uses an admin console to manage user accounts, provision user apps and perform other daily admin tasks.

“Before, we could only use our company laptops to access business systems,” Roger says. “Now, people can use iPads, MacBooks, whatever they like. We’ve given them the freedom to use whatever device they choose.”

Saving money and time with a hosted service

By moving to the Citrix solution hosted by Wycore, the distiller avoided the need to purchase new server hardware. And, as the virtual desktop requires only limited local processing power, Mackmyra has extended the life of its laptops.

The solution also saved money for Mackmyra by providing access over normal broadband and Wi-Fi connections rather than the expensive fibre-optic VPN tunnels they had been using for connectivity between office locations.

In addition, Mackmyra is saving around SEK200,000 ($22,000) a year in consultant fees now that Roger can manage user accounts himself. He can also instantly complete tasks, like creating new user accounts or managing security groups, without having to wait for consultants.

“I’ve even fixed user accounts by logging in on my iPhone from the top of a mountain,” Roger says.

Flexible, high performance access for graphics and other apps

Even the firm’s graphic designer uses the virtual desktop to work on large image files using Adobe Photoshop. Roger jokes, “I bought him a new, high-end lap top for his work, but now he only uses the Citrix desktop.”

International users also have easy access. Wycore and Mackmyra run two servers to provide the virtual desktop; one presenting a Swedish desktop, the other serving an identical desktop but in English for users elsewhere in Europe.

The money saved by switching to the Citrix desktop has enabled Roger to invest more in customer systems. Mackmyra will shortly upgrade its CRM system to the latest version and is developing its online services for the 10,000 customers who have purchased malt whisky by the cask.

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Before, we could only use our laptops to access business systems. Now, people can use whatever they like. We’ve given them the freedom to use whatever device they choose. I’ve even fixed user accounts by logging in on my iPhone from the top of a mountain.
- Roger Sjödin

IT Manager

Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB


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