To enhance engagement, give employees the space to think big

The work of the future is creative, not routine. In a business environment where every day brings its own complexities and opportunities, you want employees to be engaged and ready to adapt to the inevitable change.

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November 25, 2019
By: Donna Kimmel

People perform at their best during changing conditions when they have the space to experiment, focus, and think big. Put simply, they need a great employee experience.

So, what does “space to think big” look like? At a high level, it means empowering your employees with flexibility, choice, and intelligent access to information. Let’s take a look at how executives can deliver these values with technology that supports an exceptional employee experience.

Embrace remote work with more flexible technology

Remote work has gone from a nice-to-have option to, in some cases, an essential element of an employee experience that attracts, engages, and retains talent. When The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) asked executives what the top technology enablers of stronger employee engagement were, 43 percent said “the ability to work from anywhere.” Employees agree, as 68 percent of respondents in a recent Quartz survey said it’s “very important” that their workplace technology allows them to work from any location.


Donna Kimmel
Executive Vice President and Chief People OfficerCitrix 

Remote work doesn’t always mean work from home. Sometimes it means work from the airport or on the runway when your employees are traveling. The ability to work from anywhere extends to employees working outside of their assigned desk, whether that be inside or outside your office walls. First and foremost, remote work needs to be defined within the context of your organization. Some roles may have more flexibility than others, and some teams may be better equipped to support remote roles.

When it comes to considering how you might implement remote work in your organization, it’s all about equipping employees with flexible technology that lets them work securely and effectively from anywhere on any device. Ideally, your employees should be able to edit a file on their laptop, transition their work to a tablet, and then finish the changes on their smartphone without disrupting their engagement. This creates a frictionless employee experience across devices and work environments, allowing your staff do their best work in the spaces that inspire them.

Empower employees with personalization and choice

Among the high performing companies surveyed by the EIU, 41 percent said one of the top factors driving engagement and productivity was the overall technology available. At the same time, 78 percent of executives say allowing employees to choose the apps and devices they use helps improve the employee experience. The takeaway is your employees should have as much freedom as possible to personalize and choose the technology they use for work.

For executives, this means supporting employee choice with technology that organizes each employee’s essential data, tasks, and tools in a personalized flow. Instead of requiring employees to switch from one app to another for their work, equip them with a unified interface that brings each employee’s primary applications together in one place. This not only saves your staff the time it takes to switch between apps, but also helps them engage with their work to support innovation and new ideas.


of executives say allowing employees to choose the apps and devices they use helps improve employee experience.

Fuel creativity with intelligent access to information

Considering McKinsey estimates employees spend nearly 20 percent of their time looking for internal information, it’s no surprise that 47 percent of executives say a top technology enabler of stronger employee engagement is ease of access to work information. If your employees are poring over company wikis to find answers, they’re not doing their best creative work.

You can streamline information access by adopting technology that intelligently organizes essential content and data in context for each employee. This could take the form of a virtual assistant that learns from how employees work to provide immediate access to relevant content. For example, if a meeting was coming up on an employee’s calendar, the virtual assistant could have related emails and documents ready inside the reminder notification. This gives the employee the time to think creatively about their work instead of scrambling to find relevant information.

Adopt technology that gives employees space to innovate

As your organization grows, so will the complexity of its challenges. This makes it vital that you nurture your employees into a creative and adaptable mindset that can master change—and there is no better way to do so than to give employees space to think big. By making the decision to prioritize flexibility, choice, and easy access to information, the right workplace technology can provide the space your team needs. The result? An engaged workforce with an employee experience that empowers your people to do inspired, exceptional work.