Pulse research: Digital wellness for distributed workforces

Looking to Pulse’s social research community, we set out to understand how mid- to large-scale organizations are prioritizing digital wellness for an increasingly distributed workforce with an “always on” mentality.

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October 22, 2020

Pulse and Citrix surveyed 100 tech executives to better understand how they are prioritizing digital wellness to positively impact their current and future employees, and improve company culture at large.

Takeaway 1: Tech leaders are prioritizing digital wellness

Corporate leaders are focused on implementing solutions that promote digital wellness, especially as a large portion of the working world has moved towards adopting distributed workforces. More than three-quarters of tech executives agree that their organization prioritizes employee digital wellness and the majority envision increasing investments in digital wellness over the next twelve to eighteen months.

For those companies that do not prioritize digital wellness, barriers include a lack of collective executive buy-in and/or budget constraints. A few also cited the challenge of being too reactive in implementing digital wellness initiatives.

Takeaway 2: Culture building and talent acquisition are top drivers

In exploring the reasons organizations are prioritizing digital wellness initiatives, the primary drivers pointed back to strengthening company culture, reducing burnout and remaining competitive to retain and recruit talent.

Ninety-seven percent of respondents agree that digital wellness, or digital wellbeing, solutions are necessary to strengthen and preserve company culture for remote workforces and seventy-five percent rated digital wellness as a medium to top priority in their company’s present culture strategy.

In the words of respondents, a few ideas for adding digital wellness into organizational culture strategy included:

“Collaborative days mixing in business updates and wellness exercises”

“Encouraging healthy use of tech among teams”

“Maintaining conversations with other senior leadership”

When it came to retention and talent acquisition, most surveyed organizations are continuing to grow headcount, and hire into a distributed environment. In fact, six percent cited that they are experiencing significant headcount growth.

As the focus on attracting and retaining talent increases, top concerns centered around awareness of digital wellness activities and maintaining a positive experience for both new and retained talent. Ninety-two percent of respondents felt their organization could be doing more to raise awareness around digital wellness activities and sixty-four percent were concerned about new employees feeling isolated.

Takeaway 3: Digital wellness tactical activation is well underway

In addition to managing the enterprise technology itself, the most popular ways tech leaders are promoting digital wellness include educating employees on technology balance, hosting virtual community-building events, and encouraging offline hours and/or days off.

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