What are Citrix SD-WAN solutions?

Ensure all remote users are connected and secure

Citrix SD-WAN solutions allow organizations to provide secure, reliable access to business applications—no matter where they’re deployed or which devices and networks are used. This technology is becoming especially critical in the era of hybrid work environments, where employees frequently work away from branch offices.

As corporate data is accessed from different locations, and as apps move out of the datacenter to public clouds, deploying and managing wide area networks is becoming costly and complex. Home broadband connections create a lack of visibility and control for IT.  Most businesses today are looking to move away from traditional WAN technologies —and turning to next-generation solutions that keep users securely and reliably connected to apps in the cloud.

You could use different vendors for different functionalities and WAN optimization needs. But that approach often leaves gaps in integrations and makes management more complicated. A better approach is robust SD-WAN technology designed to increase security, improve the user experience and simplify management.

Citrix SD-WAN solutions deliver a reliable, high-performance digital workspace experience that keeps your hybrid workforce productive.

What’s different about Citrix SD-WAN solutions?

As a core component of Citrix Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions, Citrix SD-WAN delivers exceptional application performance—for every app, every time. It simplifies your transition to the cloud with reliable and secure connectivity, allowing your users to access their workloads with the best possible experience.

Built-in intelligence and granular Quality of Service (QoS) controls prioritize critical traffic and automatically selects the best path for each app, while a fully integrated security stack classifies more than 4,500 applications to secure traffic. And when issues like packet loss or latency arise, application traffic is redirected with millisecond failover to ensure consistently fast app performance regardless of network state. With cloud-based network management, it’s simple to use—no need to configure multiple solutions from different providers and security services.

Deliver applications securely and reliably with Citrix SD-WAN

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What can you do with Citrix SD-WAN?

Thousands of organizations rely on Citrix SD-WAN to ensure secure, always-on connectivity

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Katso, kuinka 2 300 työntekijän ja 340 toimiston keskinäinen vakuutusyhtiö korvasi vanhanaikaisen yrityksen tiloissa olevan tietotekniikkalaitteiston ja paransi verkon laatua Citrix SD-WAN -ratkaisulla.

Lue asiakkaan menestystarina

The Citrix SD-WAN solution has allowed us to take control of our network, save time and manage our telecoms expenditure, while also increasing our bandwidth. The entire solution is rapid as well as easy to grasp and implement.

Laurent Rognard
Infrastructure and Network Engineer
Groupama RAA

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