Give employees a better virtual desktop experience

Power productivity with high definition technology

It doesn’t matter where they work or what they’re trying to accomplish: Employees want the same end user experience at work that they’ve come to expect elsewhere. Unfortunately, many feel their companies have a long way to go. More than a third of workers worldwide say their jobs are harder than they should be because of outdated technology, and an overwhelming majority wish their workplace technology performed more like their personal technology1. When it comes to virtual apps and desktops, this is an issue that’s particularly difficult to overcome. With work expanding to more environments—even on-site employees work away from desks 50-60% of the time2 —the need to power productivity from anywhere, at any time, is more acute than ever. With high definition experience (HDX) technology powering Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, it’s easier than ever to provide a seamless experience.

Increase employee satisfaction

Employees expect a lot from their virtual apps and desktops—with good reason. Marketers, designers, engineers and other teams regularly rely on graphics-intensive apps, and they need their technology to work seamlessly. But too often, sluggish application responsiveness and long load times interrupt pockets of productivity, making it difficult to get work done. Citrix HDX technology ensures employees will have the best possible experience whether they’re on local networks, mobile networks or high-latency wide-area networks. Cutting-edge display techniques adjust in real time to account for changing network conditions and provide consistently rich graphics.

Collaborate across continents

The changing nature of work means today's teams are collaborating across a wide array of locations. Remote work has increased 159% since 2005,3 and an estimated 40% of employees in the US are now independent contractors4. That means employees often need to access company apps and data on unreliable internet connections. Citrix HDX technology is engineered to deliver a highly responsive and visually engaging experience on any device, even in the most challenging network conditions. Sessions stay interactive thousands of miles away from the data center, making for crystal-clear apps, voice and video. Whether they’re collaborating across time zones or working in the field, offshore employees and contractors alike can rest assured they’ll have pixel-perfect renderings of their most graphics-intensive apps—at all times.

Protect your bottom line

With increasing shares of IT spending going toward infrastructure and cybersecurity5, you need a way to enhance the employee experience—without breaking the bank. Thankfully, high definition doesn’t have to mean high cost. By creating a seamless experience with graphics-intense apps and desktops on low-cost endpoints, you can meet the needs of employees while staying well within your budget goals. And because Citrix has longstanding partnerships with leading vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft, collaborating with Microsoft Teams and other unified communication platforms can be both highly effective and exceptionally economical.

How to deliver a great employee experience for a multi-generational workforce

Today’s workforce offers a unique combination of dynamic new energy and decades of institutional knowledge—but it can also present new challenges.

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