Make file sharing simple and secure

Provide anywhere, any device access to documents—no matter where they’re stored

Today's flexible workforce relies on remote collaboration. But when it comes to sharing important files, the process of gaining secure, seamless access is often hindered by fragmented workflows and scattered storage. That’s what Citrix Content Collaboration is for. This industry-leading service combines the simplicity of personal file sharing with enterprise-grade security controls, making workflows more seamless (and secure) than ever.

Simplify data access

With long-term work-from-home arrangements now the norm for 86% of companies1, the pressure to provide anywhere access to files is on the rise. But with documents stored across a range of cloud and hybrid locations, so is the need for IT flexibility. Integrated into to Citrix Workspace, Citrix Content Collaboration lets you provide easy, secure access to multiple storage repositories, without having to migrate data or change your storage strategy. Connect to legacy data systems and third-party cloud services quickly, and use secure connectors to integrate with OneDrive for Business, Sharepoint, Network shares and personal cloud file storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Your users can easily access all of their documents in one location; you keep files encrypted and secure, no matter where they’re located.

Maximize your storage flexibility

As your apps and workloads move from the datacenter to the cloud, so does your storage. Worldwide spending on public cloud services is forecast to reach $500 billion by 2023, with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) topping the list2. But as you expand your options for providing users with easy access to files across both cloud and on-premises storage, how will you ensure critical data is always available—and always backed up? With Citrix Content Collaboration, you can take advantage of built-in cloud services designed specifically for growing storage needs. Use zone connectors to bridge on-premises corporate network shares to any user device. Or, for the most flexible solution, hybrid storage allows you to have the right storage option selected for each file. It’s the simplest, most secure way to balance flexible cloud cost savings with on-premises compliance measures. All while ensuring your users have seamless access to any file, on any device.

Prevent hacks and attacks

With an estimated 88% of internal attacks still caused by human error3, the risk for hacks is high. A single breach can cost companies as much as $8.64 million4. Supporting flexible work while simultaneously keeping files secure can be tricky. To help, Citrix Content Collaboration equips you with enterprise-grade controls to manage how sensitive files are accessed, stored and shared. Integrations with leading data loss prevention systems like Symantec and McAfee let you control document sharing based on the content inside each file, while Citrix Analytics leverages machine learning to detect and resolve security threats in real time. All while providing a simple, streamlined file sharing experience that helps keep projects and productivity flowing.

Simplify workflows

The sheer volume of documents your users work with each day can be overwhelming, as can the hours spent searching emails and scouring version histories in an effort to keep track of feedback. With Citrix Content Collaboration, all of those suggestions and approvals are unified into one shared view of each document. Users can automate workflows, track revisions in real time and speed up document approvals. And with the integration of Citrix RightSignature, electronic signatures can be secured without switching context. Employees automatically receive real-time notifications in the Citrix Workspace notification feed so they can stay updated on tasks and keep projects on schedule. Your flexible workforce will be empowered to finish document workflows fast—without frustration.

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