Easily and securely deliver Windows apps in the Microsoft® Azure® Cloud

Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials service combines the industry-leading Citrix Virtual Apps technology with the power and flexibility of the largest cloud in the world, Azure, to provide a simple, easy-to-consume app delivery solution. Developed and designed in conjunction with Microsoft, Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials is the next generation of remote app delivery technology from Citrix running on Azure.

On demand, on budget and secure

Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials service is the fastest, easiest way to securely deliver Windows apps from Azure to any device.

  • Mobilize workers: Support remote workers and branch offices by simplifying app delivery with a cloud-based approach.
  • Keep data secure: Protect sensitive data by reducing the risk associated with lost, stolen, and compromised devices.
  • Save money: Quickly expand or reduce capacity without the traditional capital costs associated with hardware. Get started for as little as $12 per user per month.

Find out how Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials can help your business.

In this kit, you will:

  • Get a basic overview of what is included with Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials and each of the individual cost components.
  • Understand the total cost of ownership of delivering a virtual application with Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials on Azure.
  • Calculate your potential cloud consumption costs

Download your free Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials Cost Estimate Kit.

With more than 25 years’ experience providing secure access to enterprise applications, it’s clear you can rely on Citrix to drive new levels of security and productivity in your organization.

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