Webinar Event Top 5 Benefits of Deploying Epic Hyperdrive on Citrix
Jun 8 2022
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Jun 8, 2022

With the May 2022 release of its new Hyperdrive end-user client, Epic is offering customers new levels of scalability and performance while simplifying management. As a key technology partner for 90% of Epic on-prem customers and 100% of Epic-hosted deployments, Citrix works to help the top healthcare providers in the industry get the best results with their Epic system—and we’ll help you thrive with Epic Hyperdrive.  

In this webinar, we’ll explore critical considerations and recommendations for your Hyperdrive migration, including: 

  • Choosing your Hyperdrive deployment model—full clients, VDI, or published app
  • Understanding the full ecosystem of apps and peripherals that need to be made available to facilitate clinical and operational workflows
  • How to leverage Citrix to get the most from the new Epic EHR client


Christian Boucher
Chief Healthcare Strategist,

Vasee Sivasegaran
Field CTO, Americas