Webinar Event Stepping Beyond the ZTNA Hype with Citrix and GigaOm Take Zero Trust from concept to reality. 
Event Details

Oct 12, 2022

We’ve been hearing about Zero Trust Network Architectures (ZTNA) for a while now—but what’s the current reality? In this webinar, Chris Ray, cybersecurity veteran and author of GigaOm’s Radar for Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA), will explore the state of ZTNA adoption today, the business and technology factors driving it forward, and how organizations can successfully evolve their secure access architecture to protect against an intensifying threat environment.

Get actionable business and technology insights to help you:

  • Overcome longstanding cybersecurity challenges and VPN weaknesses
  • Gain management support and budget for ZTNA projects
  • Make the right decisions about vendors, technologies, and use cases
  • Simplify your secure access architecture while improving protection

Guest Speakers

Chris Ray
Research Analyst

Akshay Kakar
Principal Product Marketing Manager