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May 19 2021
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May 19, 2021
9:00 AM ET

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9:00 AM ET - 12:00 PM ET

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1:00 PM ET - 2:00 PM ET

Tech Zone Live
May 19, 2021
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Technical Session 1: How Zero Trust and SASE fit into your Workspace

Overview: Demystify ZT, ZTNA and SASE- 9:00 AM ET/ 1:00 PM ET

Deep Dive: How SASE can better protect your Citrix Gateway deployments- 9:20 AM ET/ 1:20 PM ET

Case Study: Using Zero Trust for a Mergers & Acquisitions strategy- 9:40 AM ET/ 1:40 PM ET

Technical Session 2: Using DaaS to Support a Flexible Workstyle

Overview: Show how to get started with DaaS- 10:00 AM ET/ 2:00 PM ET

Deep Dive: Troubleshoot DaaS Performance Issues with Analytics- 10:20 AM ET/ 2:20 PM ET

Case Study: How CompanyA Successfully migrated to DaaS- 10:40 AM ET/ 2:40 PM ET

Technical Session 3: Steps you can take to improve the WVD Experience

Overview: 5 steps to success with your WVD Deployment - 11:00 AM ET/ 3:00 PM ET

Deep Dive: Using Azure Files for Profile Management- 11:20 AM ET/ 3:20 PM ET

Case Study: Protect WVD with SASE and ZTNA- 11:40 AM ET/ 3:40 PM ET


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