Webinar Event The Economist's Technology for Change Week Hear from Tim Minahan, Citrix EVP business strategy on “Technology for Good” at The Economist event in Asia
Mar 9 2021
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Mar 9, 2021
11:00 AM SGT

Remote work’s time is finally here. The economic benefit of people and firms being in close proximity to one another has declined. Recent research suggests that remote work is likely to remain more common after COVID-19 recedes than it was before.

Evidence of improvement in air quality as well as productivity gains reflects shorter commutes, demonstrating that enhanced productivity and green initiatives can be mutually beneficial for organizations.

For IT professionals, enabling remote work is more the rule than the exception, empowering an expanding global and mobile workforce. Citrix shares how enabling secure, flexible work via 100% renewable, cloud-based solutions can foster sustainability as well as drive workforce performance.

Tim Minahan will be sharing case studies showing transformation at eBay, Centrica and Neste.