Webinar Event Citrix Converge Citrix Converge 2021 is the premiere global developer conference for Citrix partners and customers, accessible virtually and at no cost.
Oct 26 2021
Event Details

Oct 26 - 28, 2021

Attendees will have access to tutorials and sessions catering to every variety of hands-on technical professional:

  • Coders, integrating with Citrix Cloud Service APIs in programming languages such as Java or C#.
  • Scripters, automating tasks with PowerShell or Python, or implementing DevOps with tools such as Terraform and Ansible.
  • Builders, delivering solutions using low-code and no code tools such as Citrix Workspace with Intelligence and Citrix Podio.
  • Experts drawn from Citrix and its wider community of admins, architects and developers will present the latest APIs, tools, and techniques across three tracks: Vitual Apps & Desktops, Application Delivery & Security and Work Solutions.