Webinar Event Best Practices for Cloud Native Application Delivery Live Webinar with Red Hat

Cloud native technologies promise to speed up and scale application innovation across public, private, and hybrid clouds. But that promise is being offset by the inconsistencies of multi-cloud migration and operation. How can dozens of mission-critical applications be modernized and migrated easily? How can you bring repeatability to security policies, orchestration approaches, and configurations?

May 20 2021
Event Details

May 20, 2021

Citrix and Red Hat

Join Citrix and Red Hat as we discuss how to:

  • Accelerate app delivery using CI/CD and Operators enabling faster release to market.
  • Improve availability of apps across Red Hat OpenShift clusters with automated configuration.
  • Protect your apps with Citrix API Security functions
  • Achieve consistent observability from Day 1 and 2 including troubleshooting, resource utilization, and anomaly detection.