What is hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT is an enterprise computing approach that runs existing in-house IT infrastructure alongside public cloud services for various enterprise workload and data needs.

For many organizations, a hybrid IT approach is the new reality as business becomes increasingly digital and cloud technologies continue to grow at a rapid rate. But not all organizations can jump fully into the cloud. Hybrid IT is often used as a strategy to support specific business outcomes.

Organizations may seek a hybrid IT approach if:

  • Regulations or security concerns require certain resources to reside on premises
  • They’re still getting value out of their existing IT infrastructure
  • They want or need to maintain centralized IT control
  • They have legacy systems that can’t run in the cloud
  • They’re not ready to go fully cloud or are just starting to try out cloud services

Unlike hybrid cloud, the in-house and cloud resources in a hybrid IT environment are not integrated to work together as one.

Why hybrid IT?

There are many reasons—from cost to security—for choosing to keep certain things in-house. A hybrid IT strategy provides the flexibility to do so while leveraging the cloud for things that make sense for the business.

With hybrid IT, businesses can use the cloud to supplement on-premises resources, gaining much-needed scalability and agility without having to invest in additional capital infrastructure or get rid of legacy investments.

Hybrid IT also allows organizations to choose where they store data depending on preference or regulatory and compliance requirements.

Managing complexity in a cloud-first world

While hybrid IT is an appealing choice, it also brings some new challenges. With workloads, apps, and data spread out across locations, clouds, and public and private infrastructures, hybrid IT inevitably makes things more complicated. It’s more important than ever that IT maintain visibility, control, and security of their hybrid IT environment.

  • Citrix Cloud services can help businesses orchestrate their apps, desktops, and data spread across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures through a single control plane, while Citrix networking solutions simplify networking and security for hybrid IT.

How does Citrix help with cloud computing?

The world’s largest and most innovative public and private clouds are built using Citrix solutions. Citrix delivers end-to-end cloud orchestration and management for both enterprise and service provider customers for every type of workload.