Thursday, October 15, 2020 | 9:30am - 10:30am PDT

A New Era in Desktop Virtualization

How to Deliver an Unparalleled End User Experience and Simplify the Management of your Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

In the world of end user computing there are two key considerations that matter: the end user experience and a simple-to-manage virtualization platform to host virtual apps and desktops. In order to achieve these objectives, one must look at the technology behind the curtain, that allows users to experience the best desktop performance wherever they are. Over the last decade, organizations trying to deploy app and desktop virtualization needed to manage numerous components that make up virtual desktop infrastructure. Even worse, all of it needed to be designed and deployed for the unique requirements of each user. 

Please join Citrix and HiveIO on October 15th as we delve into the challenges and solutions of delivering the next era in virtual desktop infrastructure. We will also discuss how to deliver on the promise of a highly performing VDI without the management and complexity headaches. What solutions that fit the needs and budgets of the SMB.

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