The new mobile workforce:
Aston Martin Red Bull Racing at work

Citrix is helping Aston Martin Red Bull Racing reimagine how they work at the track, the garage, the factory, and everywhere in between. This is how the future works. Are you ready?

21 races. 5 continents. 2 cars. 30,000 design updates and counting

The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing cars and team have a lot of moving parts. And they all move fast. This immersive microsite experience captures the dynamic energy of the team on and off the track, with behind-the-scenes video interviews with engineers at HQ and trackside, and interactive models of the cars and Citrix technologies in action. A truly global business, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is on the forefront of the Future of Work, leveraging their virtual and physical workspaces to be competitive and work the way they need to work.

At the track: Driving performance with efficient data access

The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing cars are evolving prototypes, each instrumented with over 100 sensors streaming data in real time. Using Citrix, engineers at the circuit can securely access graphically intensive 3D CAD data remotely. This allows them to work on car setup with new components, optimize the build, make key decisions faster, and drive track performance.

At HQ: Data-driven decision making

The cars generate mountains of data. Citrix helps engineers at HQ in the UK view live telemetry feeds from the cars in near real time. This allows for more eyes on the data, helping the team optimize configurations and race tactics. Specialists at HQ can focus on data for one specific aspect of the car, like temperature management or downforce levels. This allows them to deliver a more thorough analysis for the team at the track, informing hundreds of decisions during the race and modifications for the next one.

Innovation never sleeps

Citrix gives Aston Martin Red Bull Racing the flexibility to work whenever, wherever – so they can make the car better week after week. The team designs and builds the cars from scratch each year in just 5 months, making over 30,000 modifications during the course of the season. Once the season ends, the next one begins. See how the team keeps one eye on the race, and one on future technologies.

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