How do you merge two manufacturing companies without a glitch?

Ingersoll Rand + Citrix

When Ingersoll Rand made plans to integrate with Trane, they looked into shipping their traditional server software to a new hosted data center. But this process would have taken weeks. So they chose to virtualize their servers and move the new data over remotely. With virtualization, Ingersoll Rand/Trane cut the time it took to bring their servers online from two weeks to one day, and ultimately saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Key benefits

Key benefits

  • Remotely virtualized hundreds of servers for increased data center capacity
  • Centralized data center and desktop management, enabling mobile workforce
  • $1 million in hardware savings with server virtualization
Customer story

Speeding up acquisition integration

Ingersoll Rand/Trane, a $13 billion multinational manufacturer employing approximately 57,000 people, chose to implement a virtual computing solution to speed integration of acquisitions and mobilize its diverse workforce. As part of the post-merger integration with Trane, Ingersoll Rand faced a potential week of downtime as they looked to ship their traditional server hardware to a new hosted data center. Instead, the company chose to virtualize its servers and cut over to the new data center remotely. By taking a new approach, they were able to avoid thousands of dollars in shipping costs and eliminate any interruption to its business. Ingersoll Rand also virtualized desktops for its call center workers, which enabled the company to expand hiring into additional geographic areas.

Boosting mobility and savings with virtualization

The company was able to use the budget normally allocated for the replacement of its leased physical servers to purchase 16 host servers. The virtualization of its data center increased capacity to an equivalent of 350 servers. The server virtualization project realized over $100,000 in savings the first year and is expected to deliver additional savings of $500,000 per year. The time required to bring servers online has been reduced from two weeks to one day, and application delivery time was reduced from two weeks to twenty minutes.

Ingersoll Rand expanded its virtual computing platform to deliver on-demand applications to more than 9,000 users in branch offices, call centers, point-of-sale service centers, traveling salespeople and executives, service techs and office workers, enabling a truly mobile workforce.

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