Webinar Event Business Continuity Planning - what happens post pandemic?
May 18 2020
Event Details

May 18 - 21, 2020
10:00 AM CEST

Naturally, there were some challenges getting your environment setup to allow everyone to work differently, possibly there were some decisions made and implemented in a compressed time line earlier on in the lock down that were just necessary to get things working. However, what happens next?

Do you need to review some of those decisions and look at finding better ways to address infrastructure challenges? Citrix has a range of networking options that can help address some of these Business Continuity challenges, either by having dynamic scaling in your network or building in resilience into the connections.
In terms of what this will cover:

What are the BCP challenges and how they effect your businesses and sites?
What solutions do Citrix have to help in differing scenarios?

Events dates:
May 18th and 21st.

18 May
10am - 11am (CET)

21 May
10 am - 11am (CET)