Citrix Converge A "low-code" developers conference, focused on the Future of Work
Oct 2 2019

Oct 2 - 3, 2019 | 8:00 AM PT

Santa Clara, CA, United States


Santa Clara EBC - Auditorium

Citrix Converge

A "low-code" developers conference, focused on the Future of Work

Citrix Converge is designed to bring together the best and brightest software developers in the world to coalesce their distinct ideas and vision for the future of work, and discover how to best leverage Citrix technology platforms to improve employee productivity and engagement.

At Citrix Synergy 2019, we announced the intelligent experience for the Citrix Workspace, which will launch later this year. The latest evolution of Citrix Workspace provides actionable notifications and intuitive microapp workflows for the most popular business applications. By cutting out context switching and distractions, employees are empowered to be productive and work more efficiently.

Because every business is unique, there are countless applications that could be connected to Citrix Workspace. Therefore, Citrix is enabling customers and partners to customize and extend the Workspace by creating their own microapps and application integrations. Developers can use APIs and “low-code” tools to connect any business application and an intuitive workflow builder to create microapps for it.

That’s why we’re hosting Citrix Converge — to help developers understand how the Citrix Workspace platform functions and how to use low-code tools to create compelling integrations.

This invitation-only event — taking place October 2-3, 2019, at our campus in Santa Clara, CA — will bring together technical staff from system integrators, ISVs, developers and customers to:

  • Connect - with other developers and partners interested in building integrations for Citrix Workspace.
  • Be Inspired - see what others have built and understand the wide range of possibilities of the Citrix Workspace platform.
  • Learn - how to build low-code microapps and integrations on the platform.
  • Build - integrate systems and implement use cases of interest to attendees while at the event.

Over the course of the two-day event, we’ll combine technical talks on how to integrate with a hackathon to put it all into practice. As you’d expect, there will be prizes for the best integrations built! And, as you might also expect, there will be pizza, beer, and plenty of coffee.

Some more details:

The event is free of charge, but we ask that you cover your own transportation and lodging costs.

Not sure if the event is for you? If you understand what REST APIs and JSON are, and how to make API calls, you’ll fit right in.

Are you wondering what you can integrate? Most modern SaaS systems and applications with a REST API can be integrated directly without a single line of code.

Other applications may need a small custom transformation layer that exposes a JSON REST API for Citrix Workspace.

Are you interested in attending Citrix Converge? Then please provide your contact information!

This form will be used to collect interest for this and future developer events. However, as seats are limited, we cannot automatically guarantee you a place. Citrix will contact selected attendees as soon as is practical.

If you miss this one, we’ll be doing it again soon! The October event is only the first of its name; Citrix Converge will be a series in which Citrix will enable the developer community to build on the Citrix Workspace platform. We also expect to make further announcements soon regarding APIs and SDKs to enable fully customised integrations of systems that do not provide modern REST interfaces.