LOM Firmware Upgrade

Release Date: Mar 6, 2018

Citrix has automated the upgrade of LOM firmware within NetScaler MPX software. Its no longer necessary to know your hardware platform or download any LOM firmware.

Simply upgrade your NetScaler MPX software to latest version as suggested in below table and follow this article:

Recommendation: Using the above automated procedure is the recommended method to upgrade the LOM on all MPX models.

Support for automated LOM firmware upgrades on all MPX platforms:

NetScaler Release MPX
11.1 49.x onwards
11.0 69.x onwards
10.5 64.x onwards

With the release 12.0-57.19, the Lights Out Management (LOM) firmware is automatically upgraded after the NetScaler SDX single bundle image is upgraded. When the appliance restarts after upgrading the single bundle image, it checks if LOM firmware upgrade is required and upgrades the firmware accordingly. The LOM upgrade might take a few minutes.

However, the following exceptions and usage guidelines apply:

  • For SDX 115XX/175XX series appliances with LOM firmware version lower than 3.03, manual upgrade is required. For more information about manual upgrade, see the following documentations:



  • SDX 14000-40S platform is not enabled for automatic LOM firmware upgrade. Support will be provided in future releases.
  • Before upgrading the single bundle image, verify that LOM is running successfully by checking health monitoring events in the NetScaler SDX GUI dashboard. If LOM is in hung state, power cycle the appliance by pulling all the AC power cables on the power supplies. Wait for a minute and then replug the AC cables to power up the unit. Next, upgrade the single bundle image and complete the LOM upgrade.


Below are manual procedures for customers who do not want to upgrade to the latest Netscaler software, but want the latest LOM security fixes. 

LOM images available for download for the releases given below:

Release MPX SDX**
11.0 GA onwards GA onwards
10.5 52.11 onwards 52.11 onwards
10.1 123.9 onwards 129.11 onwards
9.3 65.8 onwards 65.8 onwards

**Please note, for SDX platforms the release and build numbers apply to SVM component.

Caution: LOM firmware versions are not cross-platform compatible or interchangeable. The procedures for downloading are platform specific. Do NOT use a LOM firmware version other than the one listed below for your platform.

Check your system model number and make sure that you are obtaining the proper firmware before initiating the download.

To determine the system model number of your appliance, on the command line, type:

show hardware

To determine the current LOM firmware revision, use the procedure at the following Link:

Download the appropriate LOM firmware version, depending on the appliance, and click the appropriate link to display the upgrade procedure.

For additional queries about upgrading your LOM firmware, contact your Citrix representative.

NetScaler MPX/SDX 14000/14100/14020/14030/14040/14060/14080, MPX/SDX 25000/25100/25160/25200, CloudBridge 5100 and NetScaler T1120/T1300

NetScaler MPX/SDX 11500/13500/14500/16500/18500/20500, MPX/SDX 11515/11520/11530/11540/11542, MPX/SDX 17550/19550/20550/21550, CloudBridge 4000/5000 and NetScaler T1100

NetScaler MPX/SDX 8005/8015/8200/8400/8600/8800, CloudBridge 2000/3000 and NetScaler T1010

Feb 19, 2016
16MB - (.bin) Download File

Base Model:8xxx
Recommended LOM Firmware Version:3.21 (8K2_321.bin)

NetScaler MPX/SDX 22040/22060/22080/22100/22120 and NetScaler T1200

May 25, 2016
16 MB - (.bin) Download File

Base Model:22xxx
Recommended LOM Firmware Version:3.24 (22K_324.bin)